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Turn on Merino as a Firefox Suggest source


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96 Branch
96.2 - Nov 15 - Nov 28
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If the user has already opted-in to the FS in the Online experiment, let's turn on Merino for them without showing the opt-in prompt.

Assignee: nobody → adw
Severity: -- → N/A
Iteration: --- → 96.2 - Nov 15 - Nov 28
Points: --- → 1
Priority: -- → P1

We only need to default merino.enabled to true for users in online. If the
user has opted in, then quicksuggest.dataCollection.enabled will also be true
and we'll fetch Merino suggestions. Otherwise it will be false and we won't
fetch Merino suggestions. That logic is implemented here:

We could also default it to true for users in offline too. It would make sense
IMO, now that we have a separate toggle for data collection in the preferences
UI, so even offline users can opt in to Merino/data collection.

I also updated the various sets of prefs for test suites so that the Merino
endpoint URL is empty when running tests, so they don't hit the network. I could
have forced merino.enabled to false instead, but this revision causes the
status of that pref to depend on the scenario, which is something we potentially
might want to test.

I was going to base this on D131751, but we're blocked on landing that until the
modal redesign is ready.

Attachment #9252233 - Attachment description: Bug 1741479 - Turn on Merino for users in the Firefox Suggest online scenario. → Bug 1741479 - Turn on Merino as a Firefox Suggest source.
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Turn on Merino as a Firefox Suggest source. r=nanj,webdriver-reviewers,whimboo
Closed: 3 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → 96 Branch

Resummarizing to reflect what landed. We turned on Merino as a Firefox Suggest source. Users who have opted in to data collection (either via the online opt-in modal or by toggling on data collection in about:preferences) will have suggestions provided by Merino, with remote settings as a backup.

Summary: Turn on Merino for those opted-in users in the "Online" experiment → Turn on Merino as a Firefox Suggest source

STR for QA

  1. Enable Firefox Suggest and data collection (e.g., by using the offline scenario and turning on the third Firefox Suggest toggle in about:preferences)
  2. Set browser.urlbar.quicksuggest.remoteSettings.enabled to false to make sure you're only getting Merino suggestions
  3. Type something in the urlbar to trigger a suggestion, like "amazon"
  4. Verify the suggestion appears

If you'd like, you can further verify suggestions are fetched from the Merino endpoint by opening the Browser Toolbox, clicking the Network tab, and verifying that the Merino URL is loaded when you trigger a suggestion:

Flags: qe-verify+
Flags: in-testsuite+

I have verified this issue on the latest Nightly 96.0a1 build (Build ID: 20211202094249) on Windows 10 x64, macOS 10.15.7 and Linux Mint 20.

  • In order to verify this issue I have used the STR provided in comment 6.
Flags: qe-verify+
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