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[FR][] The autofill functionality is not working properly


(Toolkit :: Form Autofill, defect, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox97 --- disabled
firefox98 --- disabled
firefox99 --- disabled


(Reporter: simona.marcu, Unassigned)


(Depends on 1 open bug, Blocks 2 open bugs, )


Affected Versions:

Nightly 99.a1, Beta 98 and Release 97

Tested on:

MacOS 11
Windows 10

Preconditions: FR
extensions.formautofill.addresses.enabled - true
extensions.formautofill.addresses.supported to "detect"
extensions.formautofill.addresses.supportedCountries US,CA,FR

download latest Firefox Nightly with region locale
have a complete address already saved in about:preferences#privacy

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Reach the address form on
  2. Delete the data from the "Nom" field.
  3. Click in the "Nom" field and using the autofill feature, select 1 saved entry.
  4. Click again in the "Nom" field, select Clear Autofill Form.
  5. Click in the "Adresse postale" field and using the autofill feature, select 1 saved entry.

Expected Results:

  1. All the fields should be successfully auto-filled at once.
  2. All the fields should be cleared at once.
  3. All the fields should be successfully highlighted with the specific yellow color on preview and autofill.

Actual Results:

  1. Only the "Nom" and "Prenome" fields are auto-filled. The rest of the fields are auto-filled only if clicking in the "Adresse postale" field and a saved entry is selected.
  2. Only the "Nom" and "Prenome" fields are cleared.
  3. None of the address form fields are highlighted with the autofill-specific yellow highlight color for either preview or autofill.
  4. The "Pays" field is not auto-filled - if the clearing of the form is not done in step 3, then the "Pays" field is properly auto-filled.


  1. Reproducible on Chrome: No
  2. Please see the screencast for more details:
  3. The data for the phone field is not matching the format from the website. The telephone numbers like after being saved are also getting the Country code 33 and the saved number in the Saved Addresses modal from about:preference is modified to 33323980287.

Please let me know if separate bugs are needed for the issues described above.

Depends on: 1755033
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