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[Meta] Form Autofill doesn't work well with specific sites


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User Story

This bug aims to collect compatibility issues of specific sites related to Form Autofill. Please follow the template and leave comments in this bug. After analyzing, we'll categorize issues and lead you to the relevant bugs so you can follow up the progress there. Thanks for helping us improve Form Autofill.

[Site URL]: (Full URL would be better for us to know which page contains the form)

[How did you get there]: (Describe how we can find the specific form)

[Type of bug]:
  A: Suggestion dropdown didn't popup
  B: Some fields were not autofill'ed (e.g. "email" was still blank after autofilling)
  C: Some fields were recognized incorrectly (e.g. filled "tel" in "email" field)
  D: Something else

[Detail]: (Please detail what was wrong)


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No description provided.
Another incompatible site:
Suggestion dropdown didn't popup and fields were not autofilled.
Cart checkout incompatible at:
(You have to put an item in your cart first of course.)
(In reply to Bradley Cohen [:supnah] from comment #1)
> Donating an incompatible site:
> Suggestion dropdown didn't popup and fields were not autofilled.

The website disables the autofill feature by specifying "autocomplete=off".
Interesting - I will start checking for that before submitting any others.
Reporting an issue with Square ( invoices. This is where a vendor who uses square sends an invoice via email. The payer clicks on the link and lands on a website pre-populated with the correct price, and with form fields for credit / debit card payment. See attached image. The form autofill DID recognize the forms and give the option for autofill, but it filled the expiration date incorrectly. You can see that it populated mine w/ 20/20 (for day/month, which is obviously not correct... unless we start counting to Twentober :P ). 

I deleted my other info before taking the screengrab, but it was correctly filled. To replicate someone will have to receive an invoice from a square account in this way. 

This seems relatively important compared to an individual website's payment pages because many vendors use Square as a payment platform, but you may know of other considerations that affect priority.
Depends on: 1409366
Depends on: 1401164
Depends on: 1410098
Depends on: 1411990
Component: Form Manager → Form Autofill
Depends on: 1423204
Depends on: 1423516
Depends on: 1423560
Depends on: 1423591
Depends on: 1423615
Alias: formautofill-compatibility
Depends on: 1424174
Depends on: 1425252
Depends on: 1425261
Depends on: 1426624
Depends on: 1426652
Depends on: 1427518
Depends on: 1427517
Depends on: 1427741
Depends on: 1428039
Depends on: 1428066
Depends on: 1428259
Depends on: 1428269
Depends on: 1428292
No longer depends on: 1428066
Depends on: 1426657
Depends on: 1428347
Depends on: 1428354
Depends on: 1428683
Depends on: 1428729
Depends on: 1428732
Depends on: 1428735
Depends on: 1449544
Depends on: 1435124
Depends on: 1443145
Depends on: 1452605
Keywords: meta

Cart checkout incompatible at:
Check This out.

Depends on: 1546676
Depends on: 1556982
Depends on: 1577453
Depends on: 1618212
Depends on: 1624568
Depends on: ccautofill-compat
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