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[US][] The autofill dropdown is not triggered and the autofill functionality is not working for multiple fields


(Toolkit :: Form Autofill, defect, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox97 --- affected
firefox98 --- affected
firefox99 --- affected


(Reporter: simona.marcu, Unassigned)


(Blocks 2 open bugs, )



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Affected Versions:

Nightly 99.a1, Beta 98 and Release 97

Tested on:

MacOS 11
Windows 10

Preconditions: US
extensions.formautofill.addresses.enabled - true
extensions.formautofill.addresses.supported to "detect"
extensions.formautofill.addresses.supportedCountries US,CA

download latest Firefox Nightly with region locale
have a complete address already saved in about:preferences#privacy

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Reach the address form on
  2. Using the autofill feature, hover over any saved Address entry to check the autofill preview.
  3. Using the autofill feature, select 1 saved entry.

Expected Results:

  1. The preview should be properly done for all the eligible fields.
  2. The address autofill dropdown should be displayed for all fields.
  3. All the fields should be successfully auto-filled.

Actual Results:

  1. The preview is not done at all for the following fields: the First name, Last name, Street address, Optional address, Zip Code, Phone number, and it's partially done for the City field.
  2. The address autofill dropdown is not displayed for the Street address field.
  3. The Street address and the State dropdown are not auto-filled.


  1. Reproducible on Chrome:
    Yes - the preview issue and the missing autofill dropdown for the Street address field are reproducible also on Chrome.
    No - the State dropdown is being auto-filled.

Please let me know if separate bugs are needed for the issues described above.

Assignee: nobody → tgiles
Depends on: 1755033
No longer depends on: 1755033
Priority: -- → P3

Alright, so this is a website specific issue. Walmart uses absolutely positioned <span> elements that act like placeholders but are not actual placeholders. Each <input> has some specific handling that makes the placeholder move out of the way when that particular element is focused/has data in it, but previewing a form fill does not (and should not) cause a focus event. You can see that the data is previewed correctly if I modify some of their styles so that the pseudo placeholders moved out of the way in the attached screenshot. This is why the actual autofill works as expected (minus the yellow highlight but that's a different bug).

The street address not autofilling correctly is expected since walmart is using autocomplete=new-password on that particular field. Not much we can do about that situation at the moment.

I'm also not able to reproduce the State dropdown autofilling incorrectly, seems to work as expected when I test it.

Assignee: tgiles → nobody
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