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implement support for mozilla-style sidebar panels


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It would be better to create one button with a drop down menu for the sidebar,
this way when people create sidebars the user does not have to add a button to
the toolbar. if a user wants many sidebars and does not want to give up space on
the toolbars, this would help them too.
Blake's already working on this issue. It's likely to be that there will be one
additional sidebar button in the customize dialog. That sidebar will be
something like "my panels" and will contain all of the user-installed
mozilla-style sidebars. 
I also came up with the idea of group icons, but it might be harder to use than
the current design. But it would be a button that you place on the toolbar and
then you would add buttons to the expanding panel. I think that making expanding
panels would work, it could expand over the items like a drawer.
updating summary and setting status to New. 
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Summary: Current sidebar design does not allow for add-ons → implement support for mozilla-style sidebar panels
Severity: normal → enhancement
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Assignee: blaker → hyatt
Priority: -- → P1
I like the concept of the bookmark web panels folder that you guys are going
with.  I think that it could be really cool if implemented right.  I only have 2
reservations.  First, It would nice if people could assign key binding to those
bookmarks.  Second, if the sidebar is chrome based, how do you add it to the web
panels folder.  If these 2 issues were addressed, I think you could make all
sidebars into web panels.  The last panel open should be persisted for the next
time you open a panel.  You bind F9 to it so Mozilla users are satisfied.  You
make it the navigation similar to the task pane navigation in Microsoft Office
XP.  I'll attach some links to show you what I mean.
Attached image Task Pane
Task Pane showing navigation.
I just filed bug 209642 which suggests a better method for Selecting and
Managing Sidebar Panels. The reasons are explained in the bug.

"New Style of Selecting and Managing Sidebar Panels using a Single-Selection
Dropdown List."
Re. Attachment #104004 [details]: When the sidebar is closed, it would be nice to have
some indication *which* sidebar would open when clicking that button (tooltip,
text under  icon,...?).
Should the "web panel" not open when using the F9 shortcut?
(I know sidebars is being still being worked on, just wanted to send this little
reminder) Right now all shortcuts for the web panels appear to be gone
Web panels exist now, so there's no need for a "implement this feature" bug any more.  
File specific bugs if you have issues with the impl.
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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