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[Wayland] Support XDG_ACTIVATION_TOKEN env var


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Steps to reproduce:

There's no way to raise firefox from other apps from what I can see or the way of doing so is unclear. Firefox already implemented xdg-activation-v1, however the XDG_ACTIVATION_TOKEN was left alone.

The xdg-activation-v1 protocol states the following.

This token is then forwarded to the client, which is supposed to activate one of its surfaces, through a separate band of communication.

One established way of doing this is through the XDG_ACTIVATION_TOKEN environment variable of a newly launched child process. The child process should unset the environment variable again right after reading it out in order to avoid propagating it to other child processes.

Another established way exists for Applications implementing the D-Bus interface org.freedesktop.Application, which should get their token under XDG_ACTIVATION_TOKEN on their platform_data.

It's similar to X11 DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID(which firefox has some handling for), and is supported by gtk from what I can see.

Actual results:

Firefox isn't activated when passing XDG_ACTIVATION_TOKEN token to it.

Expected results:

Firefox should activate with when the token was provided to it.

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