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Post 102 update Thunderbird continues to try and connect to mail servers after you click cancel on the error message.


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Thunderbird 102
Windows 10


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Following my update to V102 I find Thunderbird can not longer accept that I am not connecting to some accounts when I click cancel. The profile has a number of accounts, IMAP and POP that do not work. Some have existent servers notified, most do not. This particular account is configured as both IMAP and POP. The pop is not connecting (probably because the IMAP account is using all the connections) but that is not the issue. The issue is Thunderbird will not stop checking, despite me cancelling hundreds of requests, and apparently having to cancel more.

despite me cancelling hundreds of requests

Can you share which error dialog did you cancel?

There is a server setting called Check for new messages every N minutes, have you already disabled it?

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I have made no changed to my account settings since 91.10. So if I have to change some setting to stop my account being locked for incorrect password attempts, it would be good to know that before I am bombarded with a changed behaviour.

I will turn the option off and hopefully it will stop the incessant attempts to connect. But I consider this new behaviour a serious regression. Even if it is fixing a long standing bug, this is not a desirable situation. Shades of Bug 1768121

(In reply to Matt from comment #2)

Shades of Bug 1768121

Can you elaborate?

See Also: → 1768121

Matt, do you still see this?

Time to close?

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