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No option to show containing address book for 'All Address Books' in vertical layout


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(Whiteboard: ux-control, ux-error-prevention, ux-consistency)


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Steps to reproduce:

I have multiple (~15) address books.

When I search for a contact in "All Address Books" then the result in vertical layout does not shown in exactly which Address Book the contact was found.

Users have to switch to horizontal layout and enable the column "Address Book".

Actual results:

see above

Expected results:

Address Book vertical layout should show for each contact the Address Book which contains the contact

Duplicate of this bug: 1779781
Blocks: tb102found
Type: enhancement → defect
Component: Untriaged → Address Book
Severity: -- → S3
Ever confirmed: true
Priority: -- → P3
Summary: New address book: Show current address book in vertical layout → No option to show containing address book for 'All Address Books' in vertical layout
Whiteboard: ux-control, ux-error-prevention, ux-consistency

Yes Thomas S. (reporter)!

Currently there's no way at all for All Address Books in vertical layout to see the containing address book. Containing AB looks like important information which should also be available in vertical view (which is default view) - I agree with Wayne and Anje that this feels buggy and incomplete (only workaround: horizontal view).

  • Showing the containing address book in the results list should be optional, to avoid perma-clutter for other users who may not need this.
  • We could just add a Show Address Book checkbox menu item under List display options (see mockup screenshot).
  • The menu option should only be shown when All Address Books node is selected in vertical layout, otherwise hidden.

Alex, what do you think?

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Yeah, I think the proposed solution in comment 2 is sensible and we could implement it.
We used to show it before alongside the name, but indeed it was creating clutter and cutting off long names.

Another addition could be to hide it when the contact is hovered so users can read the full name.
Assigning this to Nicolai.

Assignee: nobody → nicolai
Flags: needinfo?(alessandro)
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