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email date changes when moving folders or downloading mailbox to new pc


(Thunderbird :: Folder and Message Lists, defect)

Thunderbird 102


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Steps to reproduce:

Move an email between folders, or download mailbox to a new PC

Actual results:

When moving email from one folder to another, the date the email was received displays the current date and time. This happens whether moving the email from one folder to another or downloading the mailbox again. It doesn't happen with all email and has started since upgrading to TB102.

I logged into my webmail and the email has the correct date on the server, so this is an issue within TB102.

Expected results:

The date the email was received should be displayed correctly.

Blocks: tb102found
Component: Untriaged → Folder and Message Lists

I've checked the headers of the email experiencing this problem, and observed they are all missing the date sent in the email header. When the email is downloaded from the imap server TB assigns the current date/time to the email. When the email is moved to a different folder or mailbox it downloads again and the date appears to change...

Anyway, not a bug, the issue is with the sender.

The following preference 'mailnews.customHeaders' was set to 'Folder'. Changing to 'Received' appears to have resolved the issue after downloading the mailbox again.

-> INVALID per comment 1.

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