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Array.prototype.includes should be SIMD-optimized


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See bug 1776013 - similar justification here.

Blocks: sm-js-perf
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This showed a modest improvement in the geomean of my benchmarking, but
importantly it showed a consistent and relatively strong improvement across
all of the cases which I would guess are more realistic. Notably this change
makes it perform better at iteratively searching for the next occurrence of X
in the HTML of a large web page.

This only makes sense for AVX2, because widening it from a 64-bit comparison
to a 128-bit comparison is hardly worth it, and there are gaps in the SSE2
instruction set (missing _mm_cmpeq_epi64, which is introduced in SSE4.1) that
would require us to compensate and probably take a sizeable perf hit.

Depends on D152296

This improved the time for a contrived benchmark. I don't know if we want
to invest more time into benchmarking - I feel pretty strongly that this will
be an improvement across most use cases, just judging from the more in-depth
benchmarking of the string functions. The benchmark I did was basically as

make N arrays
make N objects
for i,j in 0..N,0..N
if (hash(i,j) % K == 0)

start performance timer
for i,j in 0..N,0..N
if arrays[i].includes(objects[j])

report matches and performance timings

And our times were basically equal for small N, and up to 3 times faster
for large N - so, basically what we would hope for.

Depends on D152297

Pushed by
Support AVX2 for SIMD memchr r=iain
Implement memchr64 in AVX2 r=iain
Consume SIMD::memchr64 for array includes/indexof r=iain
Flags: needinfo?(dothayer)

I split this out into its own commit because it's a bit awkward to go back and
shuffle the old code around. If you'd like me to apply it to the history
though, just let me know.

This patch just moves all of the AVX2 code out from SIMD.cpp into SIMD_avx2.cpp
and removes the -mavx2 flag when compiling SIMD.cpp. On try this removes the
failure on M1 hardware when running the x64 binary.

Depends on D152298

Pushed by
Support AVX2 for SIMD memchr r=iain
Implement memchr64 in AVX2 r=iain
Consume SIMD::memchr64 for array includes/indexof r=iain
Split AVX2 code into its own compilation unit r=iain

I believe this won maybe 10% or so on the Jetstream 2 A* test on AWFY:

see ai-astar-Average and friends. Looks like the test has a reasonably hot usage of Array.prototype.indexOf?

Edit: It also seems like it may have improved things for the "ML" benchmark?

Flags: needinfo?(dothayer)

This causes a regression on i686 / GCC builds - Bug 1792158.

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