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[meta] Implement support for synced application credentials (passkeys)


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I suppose this might be part of WebAuthentication level 3? While I'm aware that passkeys is the Apple marketing name, I was unable to find an existing issue in the tracker referring to this feature.

Alias: passkeys
Severity: -- → S3
Depends on: webauthn-lvl2
Priority: -- → P1
See Also: → 1768622

There is some useful info and further links at

There's a passkeys test application here for convenience:

Synchronization from one Firefox to another on a different platform through Firefox Accounts?
Create a passkey on Firefox Android and use it with Firefox on Windows?

Depends on: 1821785
Depends on: 1543674

For macOS specifically, Apple has a restricted entitlement that grants full access to the system AuthenticationServices framework, which includes both physical security keys and passkeys via iCloud Keychain. There's some information and a link to apply for the entitlement at

Depends on: 1554397, 1831137
Blocks: 1838015
Depends on: 1853230
Blocks: 1835539
Blocks: 1864917
Blocks: 1862132
Depends on: 1868637
Severity: S3 → N/A
Type: enhancement → task
Priority: P1 → --
Summary: Implement support for synced application credentials (passkeys) → [meta] Implement support for synced application credentials (passkeys)

It seems Firefox implemented passkeys for Windows and MacOS but lack support for Linux as shown in

I don't quite understand what is so platform specific. Of course, integration in the native platform password manager is nice but not mandatory. Firefox already stores its passwords and can sync them with Firefox Sync. What's so different with passkeys and what's the status of this feature?

As a web developer if I can provide passkeys as the primary login method, this would be a great step forward, but it'd be better to have full browser compatibility.

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