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unified folder doesn't have correct unified-specific attributes


(Thunderbird :: Folder and Message Lists, defect, P2)

Thunderbird 102


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Unified folders are similar to virtual folders, with special properties - similar to

In version 102 and 106, on multiple computers, these properties are incorrect. I see menu items associated with normal folders which unified folders do not have, for example compact and new folder.


  1. profile with at least two mail accounts (with inboxes)
  2. do View > Folders > Unified
  3. right+click the root unified Inbox

Expected results: proper menu items for Unified Inbox - see screen shot
Actual results: menu items for normal folders - see screen shot - compact and new folder should not be listed

Alice, can you find the regression range?

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Attached image Incorrect context menu

Works for me in Tb106.0b3 and Tb102.3.1 Windows10.

Flags: needinfo?(alice0775)

On my Mac, only the Inbox is affected. The other six unified folders are correct. Also in troubleshoot mode.

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