Open Bug 1802259 Opened 1 year ago Updated 25 days ago

[DNR] Consider distinguishing DNR and webRequest in cancel reasons and/or profiler


(WebExtensions :: Request Handling, task, P5)



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(Reporter: robwu, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


(Whiteboard: [addons-jira])

The WebRequest module specifies a cancel reason in, currently set to Ci.nsILoadInfo.BLOCKING_REASON_EXTENSION_WEBREQUEST. There is also a profiler marker there.

In DNR, the block reason BLOCKING_REASON_EXTENSION_WEBREQUEST is also re-used, because the current uses of the flag are merely interested in whether an extension blocked the request, regardless of API. I recently wrote about that at .

The purpose of this bug is to revisit decision this later, to add DNR-specific reasons and/or markers if there is ever a desire to distinguish DNR-triggered cancelations from webRequest-triggered cancelations.

Blocks: 1687755
Whiteboard: [addons-jira]
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