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Dynamic import fails in content script in MV3 extension


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Steps to reproduce:


  • Save the attached extension
  • Open browser console (Ctrl+Shift+J) and enable multiprocess
  • Open about:debugging and load the extension
  • Open new tab and navigate to
  • Check the browser console

Actual results:


  • Warned Module source URI is not allowed in this document: “moz-extension://49a14e05-5cc0-4c0c-95e5-501c868ac87b/mjs/content-loader.js”.
  • And also thrown TypeError: error loading dynamically imported module

Expected results:


  • Hello Example Domain to be logged.

If you change the "manifest_version" to 2 in manifest.json, it works as expected.

Product: Firefox → WebExtensions

Currenty, a dynamic import is only possible when a script is declared in web_accessible_resources (bug 1783078).

IMO we should consider dropping the web_accessible_resources-requirement for dynamic imports, since the resulting load is exclusively used in a content script. scripting.executeScript is not subjected to the web_accessible_resources requirement either.

See Also: → 1783078
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Component: Untriaged → General

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:rpl, could you have a look please?

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Support for dynamic imports in content scripts was introduced in bug 1536094, and refactored in bug 1761938.

Tom, do you know why this load is rejected (beyond comment 1), and how feasible it is to resolve this bug?

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See Also: → 1536094, 1761938

For modules we use CORS loads and those seem to require a web_accessible_resource since bug 1783078.

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There might also be another issue. It looks to me like for dynamic imports from WebExtensions we don't get the WebExtension ModuleLoader in ModuleLoaderBase::GetCurrentModuleLoader.

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(In reply to Tom S [:evilpie] from comment #5)
I don't know that much about web extensions, but yes it seems like that's what will happen. If content script runs in the context of the page's global then it will get the page's module loader, not the WebExtension module loader.

I'm not sure what's expected here and can't find a spec for executeScript. Tom is this defined somewhere?

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The module loading of content script should ideally be independent of the web page. If at all possible, associate it with the Sandbox constructed at

Tom, are you interested in working on this bug?

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I am not able to work on this in the short term.

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