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reject crash reports for unsupported Fenix forks


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Looking through the Fenix crashes it seems that almost half of them are not actually coming from Fenix, but rather from a Farsi-language fork called zarebin. While they forked Fenix they clearly didn't bother running their own crash reporting service, or even changing the product ID so the only way to tell these crash reports apart is by inspecting the Android_PackageName annotation which is com.zarebin.browser in their case.

It's worth noting that there are other Fenix forks doing the same, so we might even consider whitelisting the proper Fenix packages instead of playing whack-a-mole with unscrupulous forks. The problem is that I don't know what are the right ones, I've found crashes use org.mozilla.firefox and org.mozilla.firefox_beta for the release and beta channels. Nightly seems to use org.mozilla.fenix instead and there's also org.mozilla.geckoview_example.

It's been a year since I looked into this last. I added a blocker.

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Priority: -- → P2

I received confirmation that org.mozilla.firefox, org.mozilla.firefox_beta and org.mozilla.fenix are the only canonical package names for Fenix, crashes coming from anything else should be dropped on the floor.

Assignee: nobody → willkg

I've noticed other crashes from non-Fenix forks popping up now and then. The latest is Decentr, a self-styled "Web3 Browser" whose developers apparently can't be bothered with pointing their "fork" anywhere else.

I'm generalizing this to cover rejecting crash reports for all unsupported forks. This includes the Zarebin browser (com.zarebin.browser) and F-Droid (org.mozilla.fennec_fdroid) which is another we're getting crash reports for.

Summary: Ignore crash reports for the com.zarebin.browser Fenix fork → ignore crash reports for unsupported Fenix forks
Summary: ignore crash reports for unsupported Fenix forks → reject crash reports for unsupported Fenix forks

Thanks, this will get rid of a lot of junk

I landed support for Android_PackageName. I'll try to deploy the code to production next week so we can see what's going on in production. After that we can add a rejection rule to the collector.

Support for Android_PackageName is in stage and we can see results there:

android_packagename count
org.mozilla.firefox 6743
com.kbrowser10.kissanime 137
org.mozilla.firefox_beta 124
org.mozilla.focus 115
org.mozilla.fenix 70
com.freespoke 46
com.kbrowser.kissasian 12
org.mozilla.klar 10 5
net.decentr.browser 5
org.snappet.browser 5
com.tempest.browser 3
org.immersiveL.firefox 3
org.mozilla.fennec_fdroid 3
io.github.forkmaintainers.iceraven 2
org.privacywall.browser 2
us.spotco.fennec_dos 2
com.jsearch.browser.focus 1
org.mozilla.focus.beta 1
total 55179

There are a handful in there that look Mozilla-ish, so I'm not sure which ones are ours and which ones aren't.

Chris: Which Android PackageName values are Mozilla packages that we want to accept crash reports for?

Flags: needinfo?(cpeterson)

(In reply to Will Kahn-Greene [:willkg] ET needinfo? me from comment #7)

Chris: Which Android PackageName values are Mozilla packages that we want to accept crash reports for?

Will, these are the Mozilla packages that the Firefox Android team cares about:

  • org.mozilla.firefox
  • org.mozilla.firefox_beta
  • org.mozilla.fenix (This is the Nightly version of Firefox Android, not to be confused with "org.mozilla.fenix.nightly", a retired version we no longer care about)
  • org.mozilla.focus
  • org.mozilla.focus.beta
  • org.mozilla.focus.nightly
  • org.mozilla.klar (This is the German version of Focus)
  • org.mozilla.reference.browser

We have some retired Mozilla apps with org.mozilla.* package names that might still be running in the wild, but we don't care about their crash reports at this time.

Flags: needinfo?(cpeterson) → needinfo?(willkg)

This is on stage and looks good.

Yesterday's breakdown by package name:

android_packagename count
org.mozilla.firefox 3226
org.mozilla.focus 79
org.mozilla.firefox_beta 65
org.mozilla.fenix 30
com.freespoke 13
com.kbrowser10.kissanime 7
org.mozilla.klar 7
com.kbrowser.kissasian 5
com.tempest.browser 4
io.github.forkmaintainers.iceraven 3
org.privacywall.browser 2
com.immersivetranslate.browser 1 1
org.mozilla.fennec_fdroid 1
total 8575

Today's breakdown by packagename:

android_packagename count
org.mozilla.firefox 1723
org.mozilla.focus 38
org.mozilla.fenix 17
org.mozilla.firefox_beta 17
org.mozilla.klar 4
total 5030

(Note that today's data is a partial day, so the total only covers a partial day.)

I pushed this to production in bug #1875280 2024.01.18.

I've seen it kick off a couple of times at a rate roughly what I'd expect.

Marking as FIXED.

Closed: 4 months ago
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