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[meta] Land new Telemetry for the existing and new migration wizards


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(Keywords: meta)

We aim to have the following Telemetry available for 114. This is subject to change as I confirm with PM and DS what we want.

  1. We want to record a value in preferences if the user has ever performed a migration, and then report that in environment telemetry.
  2. We'll want a new histogram for payment method import for when bug 1393332 is fixed, and one for form data for when bug 1817441 is fixed.
  3. We'll want event telemetry for each page of both wizards - one for entering each page. Some of those pages are common between the two wizards, and some are not. We'll need to think that through a little bit.
  4. Event telemetry for beginning a migration, including what resource types the user selected to import.

The different events I think would make sense are:

  1. migration_wizard.opened - with extra data for how many browsers were available to import from.
  2. migration_wizard.browser_selected - which browser was selected, along with the other browsers that weren't selected.
  3. migration_wizard.profile_selected - we almost certainly don't want to record the name or path of the profile, but perhaps we can record an event if a profile was selected, or if we defaulted to one.
  4. migration_wizard.resources_selected - what resource types were selected (for the new migration wizard, we should also record for variant 2 whether or not the user expanded the resource type selector section)
  5. migration_wizard.safari_permissions_requested - if permissions were requested to access the Safari profile directory
  6. migration_wizard.safari_password_file - if the user chose to import passwords from a CSV file from Safari for the new Migration Wizard (this doesn't exist in the old wizard).
  7. migration_wizard.migration_started - migration began (including browser type, resources types)
  8. migration_wizard.migration_finished - migration completed (including browser type, resources types)

Some comments:

a. If Possible for (1) can we copy the same extra data about the available browsers to the event in (2)
b. For (4), is the idea here that the event will fire even if the user didn't "actively" select something? If so, then maybe we want the event for the expansion of the selector section to be separate. Alternatively, we just don't fire (4) if there was no active selection (the user just went with whatever was already selected).
c. Sorry not familiar with the details here - if (5) happens does the user need to do something (like click an additional button that WE show?) I'm wondering if we need a corresponding safari_permissions_granted event
d. for 7 and 8, we want to make sure we can record all that we can in the extra fields about what was actually imported (browser name, data types etc).

(a) Yes. I've updated comment 1.

(b) (4) only truly makes sense for the old wizard, which had a separate page for resource selection. I figured for the new wizard, we'd send this right after browser_selected since they're on the same page. If we'd prefer, we can use this event in the new wizard to indicate manual configuration of resources outside of default (which is select all). Is that what we'd like to do here?

(c) In both the old and new wizards, in order to access Safari's profile directory, we need to pop open a native file picker and have the user select the "Safari" folder from ~/Library/. This allows us the ability to read its contents. Certainly we could record a granted event here as well, which I've added to comment 1.

(d) Alright, I've updated comment 1.

(In reply to Mike Conley (:mconley) (:⚙️) from comment #0)

  1. We want to record a value in preferences if the user has ever performed a migration, and then report that in environment telemetry.

I think bug 1824034 may cover this; the OMC team is also interested in it, apparently. It may be worth getting this done sooner rather than later because of compounding effects in terms of population size.

See Also: → 1824034

Bug 1824034 doesn't cover that, but bug 1794617 does. I've added the latter bug to See Also/Dependencies, but I'll leave it to Mike to decide whether 1824034 wants to stay, as it is also a potentially relevant telemetry bug.

Depends on: 1794617
Flags: needinfo?(mconley)
See Also: → 1794617
Severity: -- → N/A
Priority: -- → P2

Yeah, let's keep the relationship between these bugs for now. Thanks for taking on bug 1824034, dmose.

Flags: needinfo?(mconley)

Seems like this is becoming a metabug for migration wizard telemetry.

Keywords: meta
Summary: Land new Telemetry for the existing and new migration wizards → [meta] Land new Telemetry for the existing and new migration wizards
Blocks: 1801313
No longer blocks: 1821736
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