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[DNR] Support matching view-source: requests


(WebExtensions :: Request Handling, enhancement, P2)



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Currently, our DNR implementation cannot match view-source:-URLs, as these internally are view-source:-URIs.

We should support matching of view-source: requests in DNR.
And it would probably make sense to introduce a new resourceType (and make that available to webRequest as well, which would fix bug 1683646).

An interesting aspect to consider: an empty rule condition matches all resourceTypes except main_frame. The rationale behind this is that content blockers typically want to block all subresources, but permit direct navigation to a resource. Following this reasoning, it would make sense to treat view-source: requests similarly as main_frame requests.

For comparison: When we introduced view-source:-support in webRequest, we did so by normalizing the URL to the part without the view-source:-prefix: . The resourceType is still main_frame, so extensions are unable to differentiate between view-source:-requests and navigations (bug 1683646).

See Also: → 1827422
Severity: -- → N/A
Priority: -- → P2

FYI: Safari doesn't support view-source:-URLs, so from the perspective of cross-browser compatibility, it's mainly Firefox vs Chromium here.

Since DNR is designed around standard URLs and not really with nested URLs in mind, and view-source: cannot be redirected to anything else, I'm inclined to support view-source:-URL matching by its regular URL, and introducing a new resourceType for it.

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