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Improve drag space in unified toolbar


(Thunderbird :: Toolbars and Tabs, enhancement)

Thunderbird 113
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Since 113b3 we have an extra space of 30px on left of the unified toolbar.


I understand this was added in order to facilitate moving the main window when no caption bar is visible. The problem with this is two-fold:

  1. this space is unnecessary when the title bar is shown - and it doesn't even function as window drag handle. So it should be removed for this case.
  2. by creating an empty space that takes up a full button width it is not clear what it is there for. It looks like a broken button or button with missing icon. I would propose 2 fixes:
  • make it half its width or at least significantly narrower to make clear that it's not a button panel
  • add an icon or drag texture. Something like the cheese grater textures that were used by the earliest incarnations of Mozilla, Netscape navigator might be nice (just a little wide added for accessibility. One might add arrows / chevrons around it. I attached a photoshopped little prototype that could be useful for discussion or as a starting point (see right hand side of the picture)
  • it might also help (provided the space was narrower) to have it mirrored on the right hand side of the toolbar. But: Personally I feel the unified toolbar is already overweighted with functionality, which is why opted to re-enable the titlebar and get the windows resize / close buttons out of that area thus increasing configurable space for core functionality and Add-ons.

The causing rule is in unifiedToolbar.css:

#unifiedToolbarContent {
  padding-inline-start: 30px;

there is a rule that removes it in full screen mode - which hints to its possible purpose as a "drag space":

:root[sizemode="fullscreen"] #unifiedToolbarContent {
  padding-inline-start: 0;

I feel removing the space when not needed is probably very simple.
Coming up with a useful size (I suggest 16px max) and consensus on a draggable icon may be more difficult.

Let's make this a bit dynamic without adding too much complexity.

Action plan:

  • Make the drag space density aware with a 15px size in compact mode. The default and relaxed can stay at 30px.
  • Make it 0 if the titlebar is enabled.

Micah, can you take care of this?

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Improve drag space in unified toolbar. r=aleca

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Nice one, thanks for the quick action. I will test once it lands in the next beta, but it looks good!

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Bug 1831716 - Improve drag space in unified toolbar. r=#thunderbird-front-end-reviewers

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Approved for beta

Axel, this should ship later today for your testing

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(In reply to Wayne Mery (:wsmwk) from comment #7)

Approved for beta

Axel, this should ship later today for your testing

works beautifully, thanks for the fast turnaround.

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