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Implement ArrayBuffer.prototype.transfer() proposal


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No description provided.

Adds a basic implementation without any optimisations.

Depends on D182479

Add tests not covered by test262 and which are SpiderMonkey-specific, for
example different ArrayBuffer storage types and cross-compartment wrappers.

Depends on D182480

Adds an optimisation for malloc'ed ArrayBuffers to steal or realloc the
underlying data. Also improves the implementation when this optimisation can't
be used.

Depends on D182481

Pushed by
Part 1: Add pref for ArrayBuffer.prototype.transfer(). r=spidermonkey-reviewers,jandem
Part 2: Implement ArrayBuffer transfer proposal. r=spidermonkey-reviewers,jandem
Part 3: Add additional ArrayBuffer transfer proposal tests. r=spidermonkey-reviewers,jandem
Part 4: Steal or realloc malloced buffers. r=spidermonkey-reviewers,jandem
Part 5: Enable ArrayBuffer transfer tests from test262. r=spidermonkey-reviewers,sfink
Part 6: Update test262 for ArrayBuffer transfer tests. r=spidermonkey-reviewers,sfink
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
Regressions: 1842786

FF117 MDN docs work for this done/tracked in

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