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some themes broken


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Firefox 120





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Steps to reproduce:

"Sleek Wood" theme stopped working this morning (build-id 20230926092749) and several icons (add-on jigsaw puzzle icon, the right-pointing chevron, and the menu icons) weren't visible.

On further investigation, the "Dark" and "Light" built-in themes appeared to be working, but the built-in theme "Firefox Alpenglow" would not work.

To reproduce:

After creating a new profile, I went into Menu -> Add-ons and themes -> Themes, and from the list of themes, I enabled "Firefox Alpenglow"

Actual results:

What appeared to be the "light" theme was still used.

Expected results:

I should have seen the colors of the "Firefox Alpenglow" theme in use.

Additional Information:

I ran mozregression-GUI and it stopped at:

2023-09-26T09:56:56.909000: DEBUG : Found commit message:
Bug 1848244 - Maintain parentheses in OptionalDotExpr after folding r=arai,anba

ConditionalExpr is the only case I can see where constant-folding can replace
the valid LHS of an OptionalDotExpr with another expression that isn't valid in
the AST. This can happen when the ConditionalExpr is parenthesized, and
maintaining the parentheses keeps the folded expression valid for

One alternative to maintaining the parentheses is to check if folding results
in a disallowed expression (not a MemberExpression or CallExpression), and
restoring the unfolded expression if so. Wrapping in parentheses lets us keep
the folding optimization, so it seems better.

Differential Revision:

2023-09-26T09:56:56.909000: DEBUG : Did not find a branch, checking all integration branches
2023-09-26T09:56:56.924000: INFO : The bisection is done.
2023-09-26T09:56:56.924000: INFO : Stopped

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Component: Untriaged → Theme

Yep, this is an issue on Linux too.

Ever confirmed: true

On Reddit got report that this issue also exists on Mac OS.

Likely a dupe of bug 1855151. Updating to the latest Nightly would help to confirm that.

Closed: 10 months ago
Duplicate of bug: 1855151
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE

This issue appears to be resolved by resolution of Bug 1855151.

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