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background image theme doesn't seem to apply


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on latest build, the Alpenglow theme does not apply properly (nor do for example)

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Somehow a regression from bug 1854486... The computed style looks correct tho... wat.

Assignee: nobody → emilio
Severity: -- → S2
Keywords: regression
Priority: -- → P1
Regressed by: 1854486

Just moving the rules from browser/content to browser/themes causes the images not to load...

When loaded from there, the triggering principal is the system principal
and we go through:

Otherwise we fail the check because the triggering principal is a
ContentPrincipal with "chrome://browser/skin/browser.css" as the URI.

That seems a bit unexpected and deserves some looking into, but let's
unbreak themes in the meantime.

Freddy, do you know if creating ContentPrincipals with chrome:// URIs is expected for @import-ed stylesheets?

I suspect the right fix is somehow propagating the triggering principal across @import or so.

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Actually just loading browser-shared.css from the top level doesn't quite fix it either. Will take a deeper look after lunch.

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Move lwtheme rules back to browser/base/content/browser.css. r=dao,desktop-theme-reviewers

Reading the @import spec as I true to get a better understanding.


The origin of an imported style sheet is the origin of the style sheet that imported it.

So that's like with JS? If A loads styles from B, then the code in B is being executed with the context (principal) from A?
Then I believe comment 4 is right that we want to inherit the principal across @import.

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Are imports of nsContentPolicyType::TYPE_STYLESHEET? Surprised they did not get their own.

Set release status flags based on info from the regressing bug 1854486

Okay, so I dug into what's going on and what makes chrome://browser/skin and chrome://browser/content different. This doesn't have to do with @import and such after all, just with the result of GetChannelResultPrincipal which is what we end up using.

The answer is this piece of code that comes all the way back from bug 221490.

So, thoughts:

  1. Wat, that's rather unexpected.
  2. Freddy, any reason we couldn't expand that to all chrome:// channels?
  3. Alternatively, any reason why we shouldn't change this check to allow subresources from chrome:// principals? So something like:
index 3110a07b3177a..a855781d1170b 100644
--- a/dom/security/nsContentSecurityManager.cpp
+++ b/dom/security/nsContentSecurityManager.cpp
@@ -1647,8 +1647,11 @@ nsresult nsContentSecurityManager::CheckChannel(nsIChannel* aChannel) {
     return NS_OK;
-  // Allow subresource loads if TriggeringPrincipal is the SystemPrincipal.
-  if (loadInfo->TriggeringPrincipal()->IsSystemPrincipal() &&
+  // Allow subresource loads from chrome:// URIs or if TriggeringPrincipal is
+  // the SystemPrincipal.
+  nsIPrincipal* triggeringPrincipal = loadInfo->TriggeringPrincipal();
+  if ((triggeringPrincipal->IsSystemPrincipal() ||
+       triggeringPrincipal->SchemeIs("chrome")) &&
       loadInfo->GetExternalContentPolicyType() !=
           ExtContentPolicy::TYPE_DOCUMENT &&
       loadInfo->GetExternalContentPolicyType() !=

Both approaches would work, afaict.

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See Also: → 221490
Blocks: 1855225
Closed: 9 months ago
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Duplicate of this bug: 1855335
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Bug 1855151 - Move lwtheme rules back to browser/base/content/browser.css. r=dao

Beta/Release Uplift Approval Request

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Bug 1855151 - Move lwtheme rules back to browser/base/content/browser.css. r=dao

Approved for 119.0b3

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Reproducible on a 2023-09-26 Nightly build on macOS 12.
Verified as fixed on Firefox 119.0b3(build ID: 20230929091427) and Nightly 120.0a1(build ID: 20231001214422) on macOS 12, Windows 10, Ubuntu 22.
Both Alpenglow and Save the Bees themes are now applied correctly.

Flags: qe-verify+

Discussion to be continued in review of bug 1855225 w/ dveditz.

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