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Can't paste using the context menu on Google Docs


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(Keywords: webcompat:needs-diagnosis)

Even after adding support for navigator.clipboard.readText and Google Docs still doesn't support pasting using the custom context menu.


Actual result:
A dialog with a message like the following opens:

These actions are unavailable using the Edit menus, but you can still use:

Expected result:
Text is pasted

See Also: → 1640222

Dear webcompat team, & readText() have been enabled in nightly and early beta. However, this issue is still there. Can you help us investigate this a bit further and potentially will have to reach out to gsuite team to change their code accordingly? Thank you.

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Redirecting to Ksenia as she has a bit more bandwidth at the moment. :)

Flags: needinfo?(dschubert) → needinfo?(kberezina)
Priority: -- → P2

I did some diagnosis in To summarize, Google Docs is using document.execCommand('paste') + content_capabilities property in a built-in extension allowing execCommand to run and paste from webcontent.

Flags: needinfo?(kberezina)
See Also: 1834535
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