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Press [Space] key using Google Japanese Input, half/full-width space are entered erratically.


(External Software Affecting Firefox :: Other, defect)

Windows 11


(firefox125 affected)

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firefox125 --- affected


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Firefox123.0, Nightly125.0a1 w/ new profile, Windows11 Home(23H2) and Windows10 Home(22H2).
Google Japanese Input(2.28.5050.0).
I have already performed a Reset to Default in Google Japanese Input > Properties.

I can reproduce this issue on Firefox but not on Edge.
And I cannot reproduce this issue with Microsoft IME.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open data:text/html,<textarea autofocus ></textarea>
  2. Press the [hankaku/eisuu] key to turn on Google Japanese Input.
  3. Press [Space] key ---> result is a full-width space
  4. Press [F5] key to reload the tab
  5. Press [Space] key ---> result is a half-width space
  6. Open data:text/html,<textarea autofocus ></textarea> in new tab
  7. Press [Space] key ---> result is a half-width space
  8. Press the [hankaku/eisuu] key twice to toggle Google Japanese Input
  9. Press [Space] key ---> result is a full-width space

[in Japanese translation]

Firefox123.0 w/ 新規プロファイル, Windows11 Home(23H2) および Windows10 Home(22H2).
Google日本語入力 > プロパティ で 初期値に戻すを実行済み.

Microsoft IMEでは再現できない.

1. Open `data:text/html,<textarea autofocus ></textarea>`
2. [半角/英数]キーを押して Google日本語入力をオンにする
3. [スペース]キーを押す ---> 全角スペースが入力される
4. [F5]キーを押して再読み込み
5. [スペース]キーを押す ---> 半角スペースが入力される
6. `data:text/html,<textarea autofocus ></textarea>` を新しいタブに開く
7. [スペース]キーを押す ---> 半角スペースが入力される
8. [半角/英数]キーを2回押して Google日本語入力をトグルする
9. [スペース]キーを押す ---> 全角スペースが入力される

Actual Results:
half/full-width space are entered erratically.

Expected results:
full-width space should be entered.

This is not a recent regression, I can reproduce the issue this on 78.0esr too.

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I found out that this issue does not occur in Firefox 38, so I tried narrowing it down using mozregression.

bug 1187579 is included in the above range, so it seems to be a bug caused by e10s support.

Additional Information:
This issue does not occur when using "ATOK". Only when using "Google Japanese Input".

Attached file

I have attached the following TSF log(zipped) from when the STR(comment#0) was performed.

set MOZ_LOG=nsTextStoreWidgets:4

(In reply to Alice0775 White from comment #3)

set MOZ_LOG=nsTextStoreWidgets:4

FYI: After bug 1744907, the logging name for IME is "IMEHandler" in all platforms, similarly, "KeyboardHandler" for keyboard event handler in all platforms.

I'll take a look today.

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Even if I disable the e10s mode, I can reproduce this bug. And as far as I've checked, we send the space key event to TSF correctly. However, when Google Japanese Input does not input a Full-width space, they do not insert the Half-width space with ITextStore API, i.e., typing the space key is handled as without IME in the case. I tried to disable some code in mozilla::widget::TSFTextStore which may be unusual, and to make IMM context update immediately before initializing TSFTextStore at receiving a focus notification from the remote process, but they couldn't work.

I searched "Firefox" and "bugzilla" in their source code, but I couldn't find any comments which mention our specific/odd behavior. Therefore, I have no more idea which we can do in the our side.

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Product: Core → External Software Affecting Firefox

Hi, Yukawa-san, long time no see! If you have some ideas or know somebody who I should contact, let me know. Thank you!

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If you have some ideas or know somebody who I should contact, let me know. Thank you!

No idea at the moment. but feel free to start a new thread at for this kind of questions. Using GitHub Discussions is supposed to be more robust than directly pinging my corp email in general if you need to talk to someone. Building Mozc for Windows is so easy these days. We even provide a build artifacts in GitHub Actions. There is a good chance for everyone to figure out what's going on as long as they know how to debug apps in Windows.

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