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updates to Find as you Type QA docs


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noticed a couple of things that need changing. i can take care of these today...

a. since the prefs are now exposed, couple of tests in
can be streamlined a bit.

b. need to update

c. question for Owen: should i update the queries to use the Keyboard: Find as
you Type component instead of the old dependency bug?
the url in (c) refers to

QA Contact: imajes → Malachi
fixed (b)...
fixed (a) with v1.3

d. also updated the feature name in taf_acceptance.html, v1.2
for part (c), i could just add new queries rather than completely removing the
ones dependent on bug 30088.
Hmm, good question =) I am about to land a change to change the queries to
search via component, but I also plan to leave that bug referenced. I am also
changing the bug instructions to be... er, correct =)

Question for you, se: should we mark 30088 fixed?

Another question... what is the decided capitalization for Find As You Type? I
have seen it several ways. Did anyone ever make the final call?
since we now have a bugzilla component, i'd go ahead and resolve bug 30088 (with
usual "pls file bugs as new, separate bug reports" caveat ;) ).

go ahead and resolve this bug once you land your change to the query there,
since i think i've done what i've set out to do. today at least. or, i could
change it. either or. ;)

in the Edit menu (when it lands) and in the Keyboard Navigation preference
panel, the feature is referred to with caps for each word. methinks this will
also be the case for online help, once that's updated. cc'ing jatin on that
matter, in case i might be hallucinating about the online help part.
Ok, I landed (c) with the queries changed, and many instructions changed.

I am resolving #30088, you can verify if ya want.

I am going to blitz all the TAF (er, FAYT) documentation a bit later
today/tomorrow, and be sure it all works properly.

Thank you, very much, for all the help! I really owe you one =)
Ooh yes, I forgot =)
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heh, no problemo. and thanks!
looked at the updates today, and they seemed good. marking verified.
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