Radio button for "run this query" appears needlessly if you don't have saved queries

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If you don't have any saved queries, the radio button for "Load/Run/Forget this
remembered query" does not appear.  However, the "Run this query" radio button
is still there, and it looks silly by itself.

If there are no remembered queries, the first radio button should be a hidden
form field and not a visible radio button.
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Assignee: endico → justdave
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>Index: template/en/default/search/knob.html.tmpl
>+    [%- IF namedqueries.size > 0 %]

All these [%- minuses are unnecessary; it may seem like a nit, but we should
only use them when we need them, because otherwise a) people spend time trying
to work out why they are there, and b) it messes up the formatting of the
generated HTML.

In the vast majority of cases, POST_CHOMP plus a sensible indented formatting
scheme produces good HTML.

>         <input type="checkbox" id="remember" name="remember" value="1" 
>                onclick="remCheckboxChanged()">
>+        [%- IF namedqueries.size > 0 %]
>         <label for="remember">and remember it</label>
>+        [%- ELSE %]
>+        <label for="remember">Remember this search</label>
>+        <input type="hidden" id="cmdtype-doit"
>+               name="cmdtype" value="doit">
>+        [%- END %]

I'm pretty sure that the inclusion of doit shouldn't be conditional. We always
send this.
Nit: please indent inside the new tags.

r=gerv if you fix these two issues.

Attachment #118265 - Flags: review?(gerv) → review+
The inclusion of "doit" isn't conditional.  How it's included is.  If there are
named queries available, it's a radio button.  If there aren't, it's a hidden input.

As for the [%-, we don't have PRE_CHOMP on, and I got unnecessary blank lines in
the HTML if I didn't use those.

My lack of indenting was to make the resulting HTML be indented properly, but I
suppose that doesn't matter much and it'll make the template more readable with
the additional indent... :)  so I'll fix that.
Created attachment 118271 [details] [diff] [review]
Patch v2

Not sure what I was thinking on the [%-, took the - out and it didn't product
blank lines. :)  this one has the indenting.
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Patch v3

removing the stupid indent I missed that made the diff look screwy :)
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Patch v3

carrying forward r=gerv
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Checking in template/en/default/search/knob.html.tmpl;
<--  knob.html.tmpl
new revision: 1.9; previous revision: 1.8
Last Resolved: 15 years ago
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