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2.17.4 AND 2.16.3 Release process


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According to justdave on IRC, after bug 187861 gets fixed, 2.17.4 will be ready
to go... we need updated release notes, plus a new status report before 2.17.4
can be tagged and shipped.
Rel notes are typically Matty's.

-> Matty
Assignee: jake → matty
Priority: -- → P1
And finally, ccing the usual suspects...
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: PC → All
Version: unspecified → 2.17.3
We're doing a release of 2.17.4 and 2.16.3 this weekend, according to Justdave
in IRC; things that need to be done include:

-- Add a 2.17.4/2.16.3 version to the Bugzilla component
-- Relnotes for 2.17.4/2.16.3
-- Release announcement for same
-- Status update with new features and such.

I'm going to announce a call for sections on developers@ and reference this bug.
Summary: Relnotes + status update for 2.17.4 → 2.17.4 AND 2.16.3 Release process
Looking at CVS, there are no BUGZILLA-2_17_4 tags.  Is this an oversite in the 
things to be done ( 
RE Comment 4: No, it's because we haven't released 2.17.4/2.16.3 yet... we are
having a hard time finding the needed person-hours to produce/test the needed
Since this seems to be becoming a tracker for the bugs that need to be fixed
before 2.17.4/2.16.3 can be released, adding dependencies on the remaining bugs
on the list.  Please do not add additional dependencies.  You can nominate bugs
in a comment if you want, but I need to approve them.  Stated policy at this
point is only the bugs I'm placing now on the dependency list will be held for.
 Anything else that makes it in the meantime is icing on the cake, but I won't
hold the release for anything not on this list.
Depends on: 200742
Depends on: 179510, 200957, 201018
No longer depends on: 179510
No longer depends on: 200957
No longer depends on: 201018
Depends on: 202738
Depends on: 172331
this was done. :)
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Target Milestone: --- → Bugzilla 2.18
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