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16 years ago
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(Reporter: brant, Assigned: marcia)





16 years ago
I currently have access to gila, but I would also like access to cvs so that I
can update Help documents.


16 years ago
If Brant needs vouching for, then let me be the first: He's doing A LOT of work
on the gila _and_ Help documents for Mozilla. convinced=oeschger
Brant: Would you only be working in the help area? 

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16 years ago
Yes.  As my knowledge of XUL grows, I may work on XUL in other areas, but I
follow the review process so it would never get in without the necessary reviews.

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16 years ago
Marcia, any status on this?

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16 years ago
Brant, getting cvs access to the code repository requires the approval of three
super-reviewers. There have been one or two exceptions to this rule (I'm one, I
have checkin access should I need it to back someone out but I don't check in to
the code).  It may be possible to make another exception for "help docs only (no
code)" and I'll look into that but if you do get some limited access for that,
you won't be able to check in any XUL or other code at all without first going
through the full process that everyone else goes through to get CVS access to
the code tree <http://www.mozilla.org/hacking/getting-cvs-write-access.html> 

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16 years ago
I think I'll WONTFIX this for now since I think that for right now, changes
still need to go to the Netscape tree or they will be overwritten in the next
update from the Netscape side of things.
Last Resolved: 16 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

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16 years ago
reopening, I've been working with R.J. Keller on Help bugs and neither of us
have CVS access.
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---

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16 years ago
Me and brant represent all of the development going on help. Brant is very smart
and helped me get out of a lot of binds. I think that CVS access for him would
be very wise. He knows XUL and JS very well and has fixed lots of difficult
Firebird Help bugs.

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16 years ago
Brant, I'll be working with super-reviewers to get CVS access for R.J. Keller.
Can you point to patches that you've had landed so I can help you start getting
sr vouchers?

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16 years ago
Brant, if you're interesting in getting some more sr='s from people, talk to me
and I can give you some Seamonkey help bugs to fix for sr='s (but I'm fixing 'em
quick, so better tell me before I'm all out!).

[Removing oeschger from CC since he doesn't work on Mozilla anymore. Not sure if
rudman does either but keeping him there until I get email confirmation of that]

Comment 11

16 years ago
I think these are the only ones I have made that are actually in now:

213226 (actually somebody else's patch got checked in, but it had same content)

I've got a few more floating around that are waiting on reviews.

Rlk, if you get to fixing issues before me, go for it.  Political issues such as
this should not prevent bugs from being fixed in a timely manner.

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16 years ago
I know. But I have a large bug list. I can always give you some and keep other
for me. Don't worry about that. Anyway, if you take too long and I want the bug
for that milestone, I'll probably fix it from under you anyways (like with
Firebird Help).

Anyway, lack of people available to sr my patches has made me stop development
on help because patches are rotting and it's not worth my time rewriting patches
because no one can review the old one. I currently have a enormous dependency
system, but it's getting to large and I'm worried it'll cause checkin problems.
I always have room for help! If you want 'em, I'll give you 'em ;)
"Political issues such as this should not prevent bugs from being fixed in a
timely manner."

We have a policy about getting CVS access. If you're going to be checkin in code
to our products which go out to millions of users and on which many enterprises
and individuals depend and from which other engineers may copy and emulate code,
you've got to demonstrate to reviewers that you know what you doing. 

That being said, CVS access should not be a barrier to getting patches checked
in. If you've got reviewed patches, get on IRC and ask for someone to check in
for you. Timeless seems always willing to help on that. There are others, too,
and if you can't find people to land your patches for you then send me email and
I'll help get them in. 

Comment 14

16 years ago
Asa, I think you misinterpreted what Brant was saying. He's just saying that I
shouldn't stop fixing bugs so that he can fix them and get sr's but the fixes
get in late because I let him fix it and not myself. Brant's the person who
first told me about asking people on IRC for checkins and I'm sure he
understands this. He's just saying that something like this shouldn't slow down
development on the help menu.

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16 years ago
rlk's interpretation is what I meant.  Perhaps "political" was too strong of a word.

Comment 16

15 years ago
I'll vouch for brant.

I'm more than confident in his abilities after seeing what he did in making
Firebird Help (hopefully that'll be in the tree soon so it'll mean more).

I would like to give credit to brant for bug 219120, since it's basically his
patch for Firebird Help moved to Seamonkey Help. I haven't written a single line
of that patch.

Comment 17

15 years ago
I can't vouch, but I'll vote for Brant :-)
Brant, let's start chasing down super-reviewers so we can get you access. Alec
and Ben are probably a good place to start. Have any other super-reviewers
looked at your work at bug 165960 or the parts of it that made it into bug
219120 (or other bugs)?

Comment 19

15 years ago
I haven't been too worried about access since RJ has access, plus I haven't been
too active due to school, but when I submit patches, I'll be sure to ask the
reviewer to add a nomination here.
Brant: No activity on this bug since 2003, I am going to close it out. If you
still want to pursue access please feel free to reopen.
Last Resolved: 16 years ago14 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
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