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Only use CJK line breaker algorithm for CJK text


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This is an idea I experimented with last year, but didn't find that it was much
of a performance win for pageload. Now I want to investigate its impact on
typing and editing performance, where PrepareUnicodeText() consumes a lot of
time (see figures in bug 35296).

I will resurrect my patch, unbitrot it and attach it here. The general strategy
is to set a flag in nsGenericDOMDataNode.cpp when CJK (Chinese, Japanese or
Korean) characters are present, and only use the CJK linebreaker in
nsTextTransformer when this flag is present. Otherwise we will use a simpler
linebreaker which will not have to scan for CJK characters internally.
Will this change make the code simpler?  If not, could we add some refactoring
in the process?
OS: Windows 2000 → All
Hardware: PC → All
In principle, yes, but in the first instance I want to produce a
simple-as-possible patch for use in performance profiling. 
OS: All → Windows 2000
Hardware: All → PC
Attached patch Prototype patchSplinter Review
This patch has at least one serious bug: the nsWesternLineBreaker can end up
being used even on CJK pages, because the first call to
nsDocument::GetLineBreaker may be before the parser has encountered any CJK
Depends on: line-breaking
No longer depends on: line-breaking
It seems to me that bug 255990 suggests pretty much the opposite (and makes more sense to me).
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The code involved here has all changed; I don't think this is relevant any more.

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