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Need option key modifier to launch profile manager on Mac OS builds


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Since we no longer ship the profile manager and profile migration ``argument
files'' with Mach-O builds we need a way to let users launch the profile manager
at startup.  Based on a discussion with Simon and JJ one recommended method is
to check for the option key modifier being held down at application launch time.

For netscape employees, see also bugscape 22266.
Attached patch Patch v1.0.Splinter Review
Thanks to Simon for the patch.
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Patch v1.0.

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I'd like to get this in for 1.3 if possible. As soon as it's been fully reviewed
please request driver approval to land in 1.3. Thanks!
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Patch v1.0.

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Patch v1.0.

a=asa (on behalf of drivers) for checkin to 1.3
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Robin, Jatin, please relnote this change for Netscape.

Asa, are you the right person to request a relnote change for mozilla 1.3?

Fix checked in for Simon.
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*** Bug 194316 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
vrfy'd fixed with 2003.02.24.03 comm trunk bits on 10.2.4.
Alt + doubleclick doesn't work. The only thing, which works, is to do Alt +
Click, if the icon is in the dock _and_ Mozilla is not running yet. If you do
Alt + Click, when Mozilla is running, Mozilla is hidden (which is the usual Mac
OS behaviour). This is very obfuscating --> I think this bug should be reopened.
> Alt + doubleclick doesn't work.

WFM with Mozilla 2004041708 on Mac OS 10.2.8. If you release the Alt key too
early it won't work. 
It definitely doesn't work here (Mozilla 1.7b, OS X 10.3.3). When I do Alt +
DblClick on the Mozilla Icon in the Finder Window, normal Mozilla starts up
_and_ the Finder Window disappeares.

I dought that this different behaviour is due to the fact that we have different
Mozilla versions, since the checkin for this bug was before 1.7b. Instead, there
might have been a change from 10.2.x to 10.3.x which causes the OS to catch the
Alt + DblClick-Event?
Ok - when pressing Option longer than the doubleclick, Profile Manager opens.
This is not obvious

But at the same time, the finder window disappears due to Option+DblClick. I
think this will obfuscate many users and it's not a good solution.
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