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Forward spam to spam-collecting addresses


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[RFE] Would it be wise to--when a piece an email is marked or tagged
automatically as spam--forward spam to or any other email of our
liking?  The destination where our spam gets sent could be a user preference. 
Even better, if Mozilla had a distributed spam checking mechanism I think the
filter would be x1000 times more powerful.  But, yes, for this Mozilla would
need a database and all that fancy stuff to keep track of it, but hey, it would
be great.  If 999 other users marked a message as spam and I happen to get it,
too, there is no need for my client to have been "trained" on anything: if
Mozilla finds that a lot of my peers think some message is spam then I'll mark
it as spam, too, without even thinking twice.

In any case, forwarding our spam to or other similar addresses would
help getting rid (or at least help identifying) spam at a much larger scale,
once the goverment (or whatever entity you forward your spam to) implements laws
and rules and the like.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
This is a request for an enhancement.

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