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Spell Check should be Tools>Check Spelling


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this is 4xp. both end users and developers seem to agree.
the change will affect both Composer and Mail Composer.
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move check spelling to the tools menu

1) Do we want spelling under tools in message compose?
2) Why the menu_validate in messengercompose.xul?
3) /editor/ui/composer/content/editor.js, line 2735 --
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1. We want it because it's 4xp and it's where people (e.g. my dad) expect 
the menu item to live.

2. The sep is there with the whacky id because it works and it looked bad 
w/o the sep. This is someone else's fault. If there were a consistent sep 
id for the stuff before the global tools then i wouldn't have to cheat, but 
there isn't.

3. hrm. it was a rough draft, i suppose i'll actually want that thing for 
mailnews so that it removes the item for mailcompose.
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move check spelling to the tools menu

OK, so Tools/Spelling is good for message compose too, so the only issue left
is to remove the separator for users without spelling. I think the fix would
look neater if editorOverlay.xul only defined the menuitem and then editor.xul
and messengercompose.xul could place the item and separator as required.
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QA Contact: chrispetersen → core.spelling-checker
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
Spell checker should be available anywhere not just in email and composer but also in browser, because web form content is also spell checked, so I need the facility to change the language of the spell checker also in the browser.

When typing this it is spellchecked in German langue, because this is the setting used for my German emails, but here in this bugzilla I write English, so I should be able to switch to English in the Browser without affecting the language settings of spell checking in email and composer.

At the moment I have to compose a new email or to open a composer window to change the spelling language for all components including the browser. This is not suitable.
I have the same problem as Georg (but it's between french/english), it's really annoying!

I don't know if it should appear as a new bug entry...

The correct thing to do is to add the Spellchecking item to Tools menu in both messenger and navigator.

Practically, this would mean to find a clean way to add 

<menuitem id="menu_checkspelling" label="&checkSpellingCmd.label;" accesskey="&checkSpellingCmd.accesskey;" key="key_checkspelling" command="cmd_spelling"/>


<menu id="tasksMenu">
    <menupopup id="taskPopup">

in navigatorOverlay.xul.
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moving to SM mail compose where itt may get more visibility.

Surprising this suggestion hasn't been made in thunderbird (or if it has it's not an open bug)
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