Size-blocked mail not removed from server when deleted?



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The current mail worm (Swen, or whatever it's called) has been hitting me hard.
In an attempt to keep it from burning so much bandwidth, I tried switching
MailNews to not fully download messages over 100KB.

That worked, as far as it went. However, when I deleted the messages from my
local mail database, Mozilla apparently did *NOT* remember to go back and delete
the copies which were left on the server pending a decision. Outcome was that I
silently overflowed my host's mail directory. MailNews didn't tell me what was
going on; I had to discover this by other means.

Workaround for now is not to use the size-limit feature -- but that means I'm
back to having excessively long downloads due to all this trash.

If it matters at all, my ISP is ATTGlobal. Should be a standard POP3 server.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Set mail size limit.
2. Bombard account with mail over that size.
3. Use Mozilla to read mail.
4. In Mozilla, delete oversize notes without first selecting download-whole-note.

Repeat until...

Actual Results:  
Exceeded server mail quota, due to not-fully-downloaded notes not being deleted
from server.

Expected Results:  
If you know the deleted note wasn't brought down fully, remember to go back to
the server and delete it therefrom. POP3 does support delete-without-downloading

Instlalling and running MailWasher is a workaround, of course. But this really
is a bug; if the user says delete, they expect the note to be fully deleted.

I'm calling severity Normal, rating it by severity of code bug and difficulty of
fixing it. The impact on this user, however, is major; the accumulation of
undeleted mail essentially magified a nuisance into a full-scale
denial-of-services incident.

Comment 1

15 years ago
The option to delete mail from the server when it's deleted locally or moved
from the Inbox seems to be broken...
As a workaround, I have a copy of Eudora running 24/7, deleting Swen from the

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