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-moz-image-region isn't inherited/cascaded properly


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-moz-image-region isn't inherited properly in some cases since the copy
constructor of nsStyleList doesn't copy it.  At least I think that's the case.

When I attempted to fix this, the dropdowns on the back and forward buttons broke.
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Summary: -moz-image-region isn't inherited properly → -moz-image-region isn't inherited/cascaded properly
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I wouldn't be surprised if there are other regressions I didn't catch.	I
should probably look through who else uses -moz-image-region.
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Technically we should probably specify -moz-image-region wherever a
list-style-image is specified.  I'm not sure if I want to do that, though.
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We could also hack things such that setting list-style-image would
automatically reset the moz-image-region to auto... Seems pretty hacky,
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Have I mentioned recently how list-style-image is TOTALLY the wrong property for 
this? We should be using 'content'...
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This differs from the previous patch only by making the same changes in toolkit
as were in themes/classic.
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Fix checked in to trunk, 2004-01-14 18:23/24/25 -0800.
Closed: 20 years ago
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Depends on: 231293
This fix is believed to have caused a Firebird regression, bug 231144.
Depends on: 231144
I need to look into the issues mentioned here and try to do this:

[16:33:16] <swalker> dbaron: did you post anything to themers about
-moz-image-region: auto?
[16:34:09] <dbaron> swalker: no.  Do external themes use -moz-image-region?
[16:34:38] <swalker> dbaron: I'd assume so
[16:35:01] <NeilAlmostZZZ> dbaron: several, if the posts on n.p.d.skins are
anything to go by
[16:35:12] <swalker> dbaron:
[16:36:05] <dbaron> swalker: and how does one contact "themers"?
[16:36:29] <swalker> dbaron: your guess is as good as mine
[16:36:34] <swalker> dbaron: newsgroups?
[16:45:40] <michaell> dbaron, swalker: I think most of the regular "themers"
read the "Themes" mozillazine forum
[16:46:32] <michaell> a post in the relevant newsgroup would almost certainly
get picked up and reposted there...
hey david, I think this broke toolbar drop down buttons in thunderbird. All of
my menu popups for mail toolbar buttons look messed up. Screenshot coming up.

Effected buttons: Security, Attach and Mark as Read
This patch seems to make things better for thunderbird. David, can you look
over the changes and make sure they are all required?

Thanks to Stephen Walker for helping me out with this.
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patch to fix tbird issues has been checked in.
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Depends on: 232793
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