problems using "*" prefs and /usr/bin/htmlview



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problems using "*" pref and /usr/bin/htmlview

From, it seems like
doing user_pref("", "/usr/bin/htmlview");
should just work.

but when I try that, it doesn't work at all.

I haven't debugged yet, but I wanted to start bug on this in case it was a known

I'm using tbird 0.4 and firebird 0.7 on RedHat Fedora Core 1.
Summary: problems using "*" pref and /usr/bin/htmlview → problems using "*" prefs and /usr/bin/htmlview
hmm, but I'm having problems with htmlview when thunderbird is running.

things seem to work fine when tbird isn't running.

when it is running, I fear we might be trying to tell it to open urls!
if just tbird is running, and I do

"strace -f /usr/bin/htmlview | & grep exec"

I can see that htmlview is using /usr/bin/mozilla and eventually

the mozilla-xremote-client that ships with 1.4.1 may not be tbird friendly.  

If I try it again, but first do:
setenv X11BROWSER ~/MozillaFirebird/MozillaFirebird
(or add put X11BROWSER=/home/seth/MozillaFirebird/MozillaFirebird
 in my ~/.htmlviewrc file)
and then do "/usr/bin/htmlview" it works.

that's with firebird 0.7

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15 years ago
seth please re-read the linuxurls document. You *HAVE* to be using an xremote
client built after these changes were fixed. Thanks....:)
oops, from scott's doc:

"Make sure you are using the x-remote client that ships with Thunderbird 0.4 or
the x-remote client that ships with any Mozilla browser released after November
22nd, 2003"

the mozilla that ships with Red Hat Fedora is mozilla 1.4.1, which doesn't qualify.

the fix is to upgrade mozilla.  thanks for the info, scott.
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So we've basically broken old clients.  Sigh.
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