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Junk mail controls freeze browser


(Thunderbird :: Mail Window Front End, defect)

Windows XP
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Build Identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.5) Gecko/20031007 Firebird/0.7

Junk mail controls lock up the user interface, preventing normal mail from being
read until the Junk mail controls are finished moving the messages to Junk.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open up your mailbox and see lots of junk mail.
2. Click the junk button on all of the junk mail.
3. Try to read a normal mail message

Actual Results:  
It can take from 1 minute to 27 minutes to show you the message.

Expected Results:  
Deprioritize junk mail controls, and show me the message quickly.

SSL IMAP connection to Cyrus 2.2 server.

Both systems have multi-gigahertz processors and greater than 512mb of free ram
at the time of and during the transaction.  Connection is 100 mbs/switched. 
Neither system goes over 12% cpu utilization during the transaction. (server
doesn't go over 2% utilization)  In short, there is no resource starvation in
either system or the network in between.
Posting an IMAP log that includes the problem would probably be helpful to
diagnose the problem.


I'm not quite sure what you're doing. Let me try paraphrasing:

1. You open your INBOX. You see lots of e-mail that's junk, but not classified
as junk by Mozilla.
2. So, for each message, you click the junk button? Or do you select all the
messages that you think are junk at one time, and then click the junk button, so
you've only clicked it once?
3. Then you go try to read another message, and it takes a long time to load the

How many messages are we talking about, roughly? And have you tried this with a
1.6b build?
> 1. You open your INBOX. You see lots of e-mail that's junk, but not classified
> as junk by Mozilla.

Not quite.  I open the mailbox and see roughly 370 new messages.  My filters
start moving the mailing lists to their subfolders.  The junk mail controls
start identifying junk mail.  I look over the stuff it has skipped, and start
manually marking junk mail that it has skipped (that is obvious from the subject
line).  One at a time.  During this entire process, the mail client remains
working and usable.  As some point, I'm ready to start reading my mail (junk
mail controls are still running) and I start clicking on messages to view them.  

At this point, I should see messages in the preview window - or should be able
to double click them and have them open in their own window.  Neither one works.
 I can move my mouse around, I can mark messages as junk or not not junk, I can
mark things read or unread.  I can open up the Options menu and change my
options.  But I can't read my mail.

This freeze continues until all message filtering and junk mail functions are
complete, and can last from one minute (normal days mail) to upwards of 30
minutes (when I was out of town for a number of days).

> 2. So, for each message, you click the junk button?


> Then you go try to read another message, and it takes a long time to load the

Not a long time -- it doesn't load, until all junk mail controls have finished
processing.  Junk mail controls clearly have a priority in the process.  Junk
mail is bad enough, but junk mail controls that prevent me from reading mail are
completely unusable.

> How many messages are we talking about, roughly? And have you tried this with
a 1.6b build?

What 1.6b build?  The next build I'm aware of would be 0.5 .. This is
Thunderbird 0.4, not a Mozilla release.  (yes, yes they are the same but you
know what I mean)
Joe, I think what was meant was trying to see if it happened on Seamonkey(AKA
the Mozilla Suite).
This problem never occurred in any version of Mozilla/Thunderbird until Tbird 0.4.  

As you know by now, we have decommissioned our Mozilla build/test boxes and I
don't have access to any 1.6 machines.  I've still got Tbird on a home computer
and until I finish migrating all my mail/filters/profiles to another mail client
I can answer any questions I can replicate there .. but I no longer have
build/test resources available.  And since I depend on my home system, I don't
run builds there.

FYI: I didn't file a bug and I won't be able to follow up on this either but
there is a related problem.  If you open a mailbox with large quantities of junk
mail, and you do not experience the problem described here, you will be unable
to scroll through a long message.  For unknown reasons, each time a message is
marked as Junk the preview window for messages resets to the top of the message.

Unfortunately, I have to read message boxes which receive large amounts of junk
mail (postmaster@ .. hostmaster@ ... ) and between these two problems I can't do
anything until the Junk mail processing is complete.  We daily get on the order
of 800 junk messages in each mailbox, and this usually takes 3-4 minutes to
clear out)

Er.. can't = couldn't.  Except for my home computers, we're not using tbird
anywhere any more.
I see related behavior, although not as bad.
This is Tbird 0.7, although the "about mozilla thunderbird"
dialog claims "Mozilla Thunderbird 0.4 (20031205)".
This is on Win2k with IMAP; lots of free memory, 1.2GHz

New mail appears in my inbox in the usual way.  Some of the
obvious junk is marked, some isn't.  So I start marking each
missed item as junk by clicking in the junk column.  The first
click responds promptly with the wastebasket icon, and my disk
drive light goes on.  For the next 3 seconds, the UI is unresponsive,
and the disk gets hit pretty solidly.  The network-activity light
flickers at the start for a fraction of a second if the message is
new, otherwise not even that.  It doesn't look like net activity
is the cause.  Then the app wakes up again, and starts processing
the next UI event.

I can click on 3 or 4 mail items quickly, intending to mark each
as junk.  The first gets marked, then 3 seconds later the second,
then 3 seconds later the third, and so on.  De-selecting them
shows the same behavior, but even longer.  That's much rarer, so
I don't worry about it.

It's not nearly as bad as the behavior described earlier in this
bug, but UI unresponsiveness is always annoying.

My uninformed guess is that it seems to be updating its junk ID
filter parameters synchronously rather than in a separate thread.
thunderbird has been doing this a lot on me.  i had problems with mozilla too. 
i think it's trying to run junk mail controls on a shared imap folder which
contains tens of thousands of bounces.	the "exists" line showed up after about
5 minutes of the UI being frozen.  the packet dump was started before it froze
up on me (which happens about 10 times a day)
the dump i posted was for thunderbird 0.6, not 0.7 as stated
I get exactly the same state as described in Comment 3 (can select messages,
change folders, mark as read/unread/junk/not junk, but preview pane does not
show new message and no new windows will open). However it seems to never get
out of this state (and thunderbird is not using any CPU time). Marking the
current message as Junk does update the preview pane to show it being junk, so
it may be unrelated...
If I exit the browser and attach gdb I get a stack trace on different threads ;
I'll attach it
QA Contact: front-end
I don't get this consistently or regularly on Thunderbird 2 - I recommend this bug is closed and a new one opened if there's still a problem - the junk mail controls have altered significantly since the report
I can't test.  Junk mail controls were so unusable that I moved to other solutions and don't use the junk mail controls at all.

FYI: it would be useful to have a more limited junk mail controls.  I like the new ability to honor spamassassin, etc headers.  How about a mode where you just check SA headers and do zero local analysis? (that would be useful to me now)
closing incomplete based on "I can't test", but probably issue is probably generally WFM as per david.
Closed: 15 years ago
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