Need complete reference for userChrome.css and userContent.css



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Documentation for all elements in userChrome.css and userContent.css is needed.

The web page at is a good start,
but a complete reference of all elements and fields within is needed.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Search for reference on userChrome.css

Actual Results:  
Found only examples of selected settings

Expected Results:  
Should easily find a reference of all user customizations.

Making it easier for users to know how to customize their look-and-feel will
greatly improve acceptance of the product.

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14 years ago
-> nobody

this job is probably too big for anyone
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14 years ago
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14 years ago
Something for devmo?

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13 years ago
> Something for devmo?
definitely not. This would be more of an advanced user doc
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10 years ago
The site should no longer host documentation.  If there is still a need for this it should be added to MDC or SUMO.  Moving to Mozilla Developer Center product for discussion.
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6 years ago
I can help with this. I've been referring to "customizing.html" for years, so I feel like I have some stake in its future. It still ranks prominently in search results (e.g., for "userChrome.css"), indicating to me that there are strong, persistent backlinks to this resource, and that it should be preserved with a 301 redirect (ref. bug #726070) to a "living" document elsewhere within *

I plan to pull together the useful bits of, plus parts of the mozillaZine "userChrome.css" article (provided compatible licenses, which I haven't verified) to create at least a stub for a "canonical" userChrome.css article on the MDN wiki.

Once that's to the point where it can serve as a functioning replacement for "customizing.html", I plan to request 301 redirect(s) in bug #308518, if that seems okay to everyone.
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Has this been completed? Please reopen if not.
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Reopening for review by Sheppy.
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5 years ago
I would help but I cannot understand the code well enough to even try. :/ How about putting a donation button on your web page?

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5 years ago
This isn't done yet but someone really ought to work on it. That said, it's low priority, and pretty much a moving target.
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5 years ago
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This is no more in the scope of MDN
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