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when sending mail, hangs when copying message to sent folder


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Often but not always when I send email, sending just hangs when it saus copying message to "sent" 
folder. The "sent" folder is a local folder. The only way to stop is to shut down the mail. Cannot save the 
mail into draft folder etc. after the sending process has hanged.

Reproducible: Sometimes
Steps to Reproduce:
I've pretty much got that happening 100% of the time now. (build 20040214...
wait a minute... I just installed a nightly a week or 2 ago, what's with that?
I'll try installing the latest again).
Ever confirmed: true
Sigh... got half way through submitting this bug and hit Commit accidentally, sorry:

I was going to say that it might be due to my having the latest Windows XP SP2
beta build installed on my machine, then I noticed reporter was on MacOS X.
Should this be changed to "All", or would it be more appropriate for me to
submit a new bug (I confirmed this one too, but now that I think about it I'm
not sure)?

Is there anything useful I can do to create diagnostic data to help track this down?
Just noticed another quirk. For me, this is only happening when I'm posting
news. Email is working fine. 
I just upgraded to 20040614, and this problem no longer occurs for me. The
reporter should probably try this as well.
This bug has been here for years, and never seems to get fixed. It is getting
worse for me on build 2004081109. And it has managed to trash my sent folder on
local mail. All my old messages are there, but only recent ones show when the
folder is opened.

The error messages also imply that the message was not sent, and I believe that
it was. Since one must shut down Mozilla to recover, I believe this should have
the "crash" keyword on it and a much higher priority.
i have this problem too, it will not complete the sending process and it hangs
on copying message to sent folder forever.....
I had this problem as well, but only when the sent mail folder was remote. My
workaround was to save messages to local sent mail folder and copy them over to
server in bulk occasionally which works fine.
I have the problem as well.  It only happens when my sent mail folder is being
accessed over imap, and it comes and goes.  It mainly seems to happen in the
afternoon, but not in the morning (that, or I'm imagining it).  Other random
facts that may, or may not, be useful:

*  If I delete a message (often the one I'm replying to, it unhangs and the
messages are copied into the sent folder
*  It started for me when I upgraded to 0.9.

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