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1.7.2 source package is broken/incomplete


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Someone reported that 1.7.2 source doesn't build, so i made a diff from
It seems some quite important files are missing (that browser/,toolkit/ and
camino/ are missing, is ok, but the rest is not i think). See for the diff between those two files.
I'm finding the same thing.  For example Moz/ (in fact the entire
config/Moz directory) is missing, so an attempted build dies almost immediately.
 It seems to be impossible to build using mozilla-source-1.7.2.tar.bz2
I downloaded the source and attempt to update the cvs via

cvs up -P inside the mozilla directory, it doesn't seem to work.

looks like NMOZILLA_1_7_2_RELEASE tag didn't include all the files?
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I did a CVS checkout of 1.7.2 this morning, and Mozilla just finished compiling.
So at least in CVS this -seems- fixed, don't know about the tarballs.
The tarballs are still the same, so no change there.
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First I got "Can't locate Moz/", then (after having downloaded it),
I got "No rule to make target `MoreFiles/', needed by

Will mozilla-source-1.7.2.tar.bz2 be updated (eg the one at )
after these issues (all the missing files) have been resolved?
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The new tarballs just appeared on the ftp site, I am able to build it from
source now. Thanks!
As per comment #10, Resolving
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