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Add Live Bookmarks to glossary.xhtml


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This should be a simple task.  Just add an entry into glossary.xhtml, add a
corresponding entry to firebird-glossary.rdf and to firebird-index1.rdf, and
you're done.

I probably won't get to this, but this feature's new for 1.0, and we should at
least mention cool new features.  Please, if you have ten minutes, make a patch
for it.
Assignee: rlk → jwalden+fxhelp
Attached patch Add live bookmark to glossary (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Okay, maybe I have gotten to it. :-)

The patch is simple.  First, add two entries to the glossary RDF backend: one
for "live bookmark", one for "feed" (I feel only adding "live bookmark" would
result in either a huge entry or an incomprehensible entry for a feeds newbie).
 Second, add entries to glossary.xhtml for "live bookmark" and "feed".	Third,
add "live bookmark" to the index RDF backend (I didn't add "feed" because it
exists only to support the "live bookmark" definition).

The definitions I've written are probably not the greatest, but they should
work for Firefox 1.0.  We need at least /something/ for before then, and this
does the trick.
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Add live bookmark to glossary

Requesting review from rlk, hoping this is good enough for 1.0 so that live
bookmarks are at least mentioned...
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Add live bookmark to glossary
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Jeff, you're using the wrong TOC. That TOC isn't being built. It shouldn't be
there. The right one is in mozilla/toolkit/components/help/helpOnHelp. Your
patch doesn't apply too, btw. Not sure why. You might be using an older revision.

Is it possible for your to redo your changes on the right TOC?
And please run cvs diff from above mozilla/, so that I can run the patch command
from there as well.
Attached patch Better?Splinter Review
Testing patches should get noticeably easier in something over a week, when I'm
getting a new laptop that's seven times faster than the old PII computer I use
now and has triple the RAM (not to mention the ample hard drive space for
complete builds).  As it is now I'd never notice problems like the glossary
issue, because at four hours to build it's simply not practical.  Can we remove
that file (probably help-toc.rdf too) for neatness?

I'm fine with doing diffs from the top of the hierarchy, but as no one had ever
mentioned a problem I wasn't about to slightly complicate things for myself by
requiring the typing of long pathnames at the commandline.
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Thanks Jeff!
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Checked in.
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