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new fields added after runing will have wrong sort key in table fielddefs


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Bug 190432 put $headernum++ inside if (!$fieldid) in AddFDef.
This cause new fields (added after running checksetup with some patch for
example)  to have a wrong sortkey.

Reproducible: Always
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This results in duplicate sortkeys.  It is unclear how much of a problem that
makes, but it should be fixed before it leaves too much of a mess.
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Keywords: regression
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Ouch, nice catch.
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This restores the previous behavior.  As a side effect, it'll also clean up any
damage done by anyone already bit by it.
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Joel, comment #1, can you explain how does this create duplicate sortkeys?
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> Joel, comment #1, can you explain how does this create duplicate sortkeys?

The original behavior was when got run, new fields would be
inserted, and existing fields would have their sortkeys adjusted so that all of
the fields were still in the order defined by

Bug 109432 accidently changed this so the "current sortkey" (aka $headernum)
only got incremented if a NEW field was added, and it didn't update it when an
existing field was already there.

This would cause any new fields getting added to start with a sortkey of 1, no
matter what was already in the database, so if fields get added over time one at
a time, you'd wind up with several fields with a sortkey of 1.

This patch restores the original behavior, so the entire table's sortkeys are
updated every time checksetup runs.
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Patch v1

Yup, this works. r=myk
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