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15 years ago
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15 years ago
If you go to the URL above and click on one of buttons (in the menu bar just
below 'Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development. What a name !), the
pull-down menu is obscured by the flash animation. 

On Mac OS X and Windows, the pull-down menu is rendered *on top of* the flash
animation. However, on Linux, the pull-down menu goes *beneath* the flash

I don't think this is flash-specific because without the flash plug-in
installed, I found that the default null plug-in also hides the pull-down menu. 

Because I'm not sure who knows about this stuff, I'm just adding  a few people
randomly. Sorry for that, but hope that will help get the attention of the right
person eventually. 

On Mac OS X, I tried 1.7release and the current trunk. On Windows, I tested
firefox 0.9.x. On Linux I tried firefox 0.9.x, current trunk and Mozilla suite
1.7 and the trunk build.

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15 years ago
this was taken with Mozilla 1.7 on Linux. The same page doesn't have any
problem on Windows and Mac OS X.

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15 years ago
I'll try to come up with a reduced test case later.
don't you need to set wmode="true" on the <embed>?
We definitely have other bugs about this issue on file
Whiteboard: DUPME
Whiteboard: DUPME → DUPEME

Comment 5

15 years ago
have a look at Bug 218187 Main page dropdown menu is correct but subsection
baseball, nfl etc dropdown menu is mangled due to flash

Bug 218187 comment 21 is the analysis

There are a lot of dupes, screenshots, and a testcase.

Comment 6

15 years ago
Thanks for the pointer. All those bugs seem to identical to this one except that
this one manifest itself only on Linux. Failing to find similar bugs with 'word
matches', I tried 'pp' in keyword with the platform and OS set to PC/Linux.
Nothing relevant turned up, which is understandable given that all those bugs
are XP (or were reported on Windows). 

As for 'wmode', it's set to 'transparent' in the page as below

<td onmouseover="swapTopmenu();"><embed src='/flash/main.swf' width=768
height=141 wmode=transparent></td>

When I first observed this bug, I thought the web site has an evangelism issue
because Korean (government) web designers/admins are very bad at making their
web sites compliant to the standard (if they don't block non-IE browsers
downright). Then, Windows users told me that it's fine with Firefox, which I
confirmed myself. I went on to test it on Mac OS X and it's also fine there. 

I definitely need to make a reduced test case to see what's going on. 
Please make sure that your version of flash on Linux is new enough to support
wmode (such support was added by flash much later than on Windows/Mac).

Comment 8

15 years ago
The first example at

works as described, which, I believe, indicates that my version of flash
supports wmode. 

Can anyone else reproduce this problem on Linux? 

Comment 9

15 years ago
JS source is here:
there doesn't seem to be any Linux/Unix-specific code path, but maybe the
opacity code behave differently on Linux, referring to such lines:

document.write('<STYLE TYPE="text/css">.imgFader{ position:relative;
filter:alpha(opacity=0); -moz-opacity:0.0 }</STYLE>');
[...] = img.index/101;

I used FF trunk 20040902 + Flash 7.0r25 on Linux.
OK, I see this on Linux too.  A testcase would be very nice indeed.
Not related to this bug; you're just running into the null-plugin not being windowless.
Duplicate of this bug: 383810


12 years ago
Depends on: 137189


12 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 392154

Comment 15

12 years ago
flash plugin 9.0.115 has been released and I have tested with trunk build on Mac and Linux.

Mac seems to support windowless mode but Linux not.


2 years ago
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