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[RFE] Different zones for security and privacy


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Currently TB has several settings for security and privacy, but most users does
comprehend how settings add to security and privacy.
My request is an enhancement to put all the current and several new security and
privacy features in different zones.
I've made an example in HTML, which I'll attach shortly.

Reproducible: Always
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open preferences
2. Go through all sections
Actual Results:  
You'll see different security and privacy settings, not grouped together.

Expected Results:  
All security and privacy settings should be grouped in zones.
most users does comprehend
should offcourse be:
most users don't comprehend
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Still, I think this could feature could be very useful.
I just added a fairly detailed comment to bug 169106 (Network "zone" manager), which I interpreted as being similar to this one.

The bottom line is:
Without such facilities, a lot of FF's perceived security advantages over IE
will evaporate if MS makes IE's security settings distinguish between scripting
for DHTML (the worst this can do is push ads) and scripting for HTAs (which
have been used to install malware). If MS separates DHTML and HTAs while FF
does not provide something like zones, MS can claim that IE offers security /
privacy facilities which are easier to manage and therefore safer for the user.
Is this then not a dupe of 169106?  It pretty much covers both.
(In reply to comment #6)
> Is this then not a dupe of 169106?  It pretty much covers both.

I'd say related, not a dupe, because this RFE is really about the Mail / News component, rather than the Network component.
I'd like to see some zones implemented that regulate the handling of messages rather than "some sections of the Internet".

Wouldn't it be a good idea to derive different RFEs for mail / news (this bug) and websites from bug 169106, because the are essentially different?
Component: MailNews: Security → Security
Product: Core → Thunderbird
Version: Other Branch → unspecified
QA Contact: thunderbird
Assignee: mscott → nobody
Brian any thought on what is proposed here ?
Generally speaking I don't think security zones are going to be usable for the average person.  If someone sends you an attachment and you want to see it but your security zone settings don't allow it you'll just change the settings.  This tends to negate the value of the settings as it just becomes the bar you keep lowering to do what you want.

Much of this needs to be done in a larger vision taking into account the impact on the user interface and not just settings.  However unless this were implemented as an extension or some kind of patch to work it with it is hard to see the benefits and trade offs that would occur with this design.

I have to mark this WONTFIX for the project to note that we're not going to work on it, however reopen the bug if you have an extension or working patch toward this goal.
Closed: 14 years ago
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