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pref-colors.dtd: positioning is l10n incompatible


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(Whiteboard: [2012 Fall Equinox])

Doing l10n work (M13 de-AT), I encountered the following problems with

Try those values from my German Language Pack:
<!ENTITY  useWinColorsCheck.label "Windows-Farben verwenden">
<!ENTITY  underLinksCheck.label "Links unterstreichen">
<!ENTITY  links "Links">
<!ENTITY  unvisit "Nicht besuchte Links:">
<!ENTITY  visit "Besuchte Links:">

Looks awful. OTOH, the same options are in chrome/pref/.../pref-composer.dtd are
are l10n compatible and better-looking there. Shouldn't panles showing the same
kind of options be similar? Would also solve this problem if you take the
Composer Panel's version...
Reassigned to Fergus.
Assignee: rchen → fergus
Status: NEW → ASSIGNED localizer points out that the browser's color prefrences and 
composer's color preferences should look more alike.  Currently the UI of each 
is very different to the other.  He uses the German example, but it's equally 
true for English.

He suggests that pref-composer.dtd is the better-designed of the two.

Assigning to matt as he seems to be the owner of the preferences dialogs 
(unless it's brade or rgoodger/ben?)  Changing component to PrefUI.
Assignee: fergus → matt
Component: Localization → Pref UI
We can change the UI.
The UI was duplicated from the
UI of 4.0.
Target Milestone: M15
Bulk move of all Pref UI component bugs to new Preferences component.  Pref UI 
component will be deleted.
Component: Pref UI → Preferences
Move to M16 for now ...
Target Milestone: M15 → M16
M18 ...
Assignee: matt → mcafee
Target Milestone: M16 → M18
Move to M21 target milestone.
Target Milestone: M18 → M21
Changed QA contact to
QA Contact: teruko → andreasb
QA Contact: andreasb → jonrubin
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.0
over to vishy for an owner
Assignee: mcafee → vishy
I dont really understand this bug. Is this still a problem? Why can't the German 
l10n team just set whatever colors they want? 

Please reply, otherwise we shd mark this bug as wfm now. 
i think the question amounts to why the composer and navigator color pref 
panels are so different when they expose the same number of choices.
Concerning browser dialog layout: it looks like navigator's could be improved by 
putting the "Link colors" group box under the "Text and Background" to 
accomodate longer German words.
Concerning differences with Composer: We needed more features in our primary color
picker than the simple Navigator version, so we also used that picker in our
preference panel for consistency within Composer.
I will be working on making Composer color picker more like
a menupopup (bug 90670), so we should try to unify navigator and composer versions
in the process. There's already a bug on that as well: bug 39784.
This was originally reported about M13, and the L12y situation got much better
until now (who wonders?) as pref dialog generally got wider, and dialog width is
now localizeable.
But, as timeless states, the dialog layout differences between the Navigator and
Composer color pref settings are hard to understand, and make pref panels
inconsistent. IMO, the composer panel, which also has a preview area, is much
easier to understand for users.

I think the color picker problem is an additional problem to the dialog layout
problem here (the layout can be made more consitent though it may still use the
current colorpicker) - though it's also important to get addressed.

I know that both layouts are somehow inherited from 4.x but I still think we can
get better in consistency than 4.x was.
mass change, switching qa contact from jonrubin to ruixu.
QA Contact: jonrubin → ruixu
Target Milestone: mozilla1.0 → Future
Reassigning to a real person.
Assignee: vishy → ben
QA Contact: ruixu → sairuh
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
Assignee: bugs → prefs
QA Contact: bugzilla
(Filter "spam" on 'prefs-nobody-20080612'.)
Assignee: prefs → nobody
QA Contact: prefs
Priority: P3 → --
Target Milestone: Future → ---
Is this problem still actual?
Whiteboard: [2012 Fall Equinox][CLOSEME 2012-11-01 INVA/WONT?]
Resolved per whiteboard
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
Whiteboard: [2012 Fall Equinox][CLOSEME 2012-11-01 INVA/WONT?] → [2012 Fall Equinox]
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