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Add Prefs UI to control default visibility of Attachments pane on New Message


(Thunderbird :: Message Compose Window, enhancement)

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Presently, Thunderbird doesn't show the Attachments pane until a user actually
attaches a file. This precludes the user being able to attach a file using drag
and drop.

The user should be able to control whether or not to show the empty Attachments
pane by default on creating a new message.

(Is there already a back-end pref for this?)
Actually, you can still drag a file to a compose window without the attachment
pane. The pane will open when you drag the file over the window.
QA Contact: message-compose
Duplicate of this bug: 312857
Assignee: mscott → nobody
This bug is currently not actionable.
It needs a much more specific proposal for the requested UI:
- preferably a mockup screenshot,
- or otherwise a precise description where in Tools > Options that checkbox should go
- and a suggestion for the exact wording of the checkbox caption
Keywords: uiwanted
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