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finish implementing single window mode from Firefox


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Single Window Mode, or options for forcing new windows to open in tabs, is
functional in Firefox 1.0. Since the Aviary branch landed on the trunk, it's
also functional in Firefox 1.0+, but not in the Suite. The Suite is missing:

- an implementation of nsIBrowserDOMWindow like the one in Firefox
- a resolution of how external URLs are handled (the Aviary code assumes
  the "semi-single-profile" application structure implemented in bug 239929).
Blocks: 276808
Oh yeah. Not to forget a third missing Firefox item:

- a UI
Seems like bug 278429 is asking the same thing.
Depends on: 231984
Note that I'm considering changing the apis involved so that embeddors would be
able to make use of this mode in general....
Boris -- that would be great, as it might help with bug 274143.

Component: General → Tabbed Browser
QA Contact: general → tabbed-browser
Whiteboard: bugday0420
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