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Use JSON role & state information


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Right now we use a hardcoded table in nsAccessible.cpp to store information
about DHTML roles. Each DHTML role actually points to an entry in an online RDF
database, and we eventually need to use that instead.

Currently we're doing something like this:

nsRoleMapEntry nsAccessible::gWAIRoleMap[] = 
  {"button", ROLE_PUSHBUTTON, 0, {0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 0}, {0, 0, 0}},
  {"checkbox", ROLE_CHECKBUTTON, 0, {"checked", "true", STATE_CHECKED},
{"readonly", 0, STATE_READONLY}, {0, 0, 0}},
Keywords: access
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Note that we had to use a hack in bug 390129 to support EXPANDED without COLLAPSED on combo box. I think we should work to remove that hack once we move to the RDF approach, after Firefox 3.
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The current proposal is to allow roles and properties to be defined in JSON. If we go that way, I think we should keep the hardcoded role support as it is.

However, this isn't part of ARIA 1.0 and still needs to be talked to death before it moves forward. Here's a rough proposal:
Summary: Use RDF role & state information → Use JSON role & state information
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No longer blocks: 191a11y
Alex, have you heard anything further about this for ARIA 2.0 or the like? It definitely isn't part of ARIA 1.1.
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These are definitely interesting 10 years old but still relevant ideas, and quite close to taxonomies I outlined here [1]. I'm not quite sure where ARIA 2.0 goes to, but I think these ideas will be likely be developed either by ARIA or AOM or something else one day. I'm not sure though if need to keep this bug, we have a wiki page from comment #2, that we can rely on.

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Allow roles and properties to be defined in JSON. 
JSON formatter
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