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Switch Mozilla/Firefox to CFRunLoopSource-based plevent handling


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I see no reason why Mozilla/FF should use the old Carbon Event-based plevent
handling. Indeed, since the Carbon Events are dispatched at low priority, this
causes known issues with the accumulation of plevents during busy periods, and
their subsequent flurries at idle time (the Flash plugin suffers from this, and
there are other timer-related issues (see bug 258370).

Camino now has plevent code based on CFRunLoopSources, which should work just
fine with the WaitNextEvent model that Mozilla/FF still use. We should just use
that for all Mac products.
Blocks: 258370
Blocks: 106397
Is this bug just about bringing the patch to bug 271050 to the fox, lizard, and

With MAC_USE_CFRUNLOOPSOURCE selected for event management in
xpcom/threads/plevent.c, the awful experiences in Firefox with Flash movies
bringing the browser to a halt are a memory.  You've got my support here.  This
is a great gift for Mac users.
Yes, this should be as simple as flipping the #define in plevent.c for Firefox.
Thunderbird should probably have some testing with this flag too, but reports
are that it's an improvement there too (bug 258370).
Assignee: sfraser_bugs → joshmoz
Attached patch v1.0 + cleanupSplinter Review
Just for the record, this added about 60 ms to Ts, 40 ms to Txul and 10 ms to Tp
on Monkey (Mac OS X dep) tinderbox. Some of that increase later got masked by
Neil's backout of his test patch for bug 297155, but take a look at the graphs
and numbers on the tinderbox page around the time of the check-in for this bug.

Not saying we should undo this patch, just wanted to call it out, see if maybe
there are some ideas floating around on how to regain some of this loss, perhaps
things we can improve now that we've got this patch in?
Marking the bug fixed, but we should continue the discussion per the comment above.
Closed: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Pageload increased in Camino when the equivalent patch was landed. What happens
is that we end up doing more redraws during page load on some pages (how much
depends on how fast your network is), because PLEvents get handled more
promptly. I believe our behavior now is "more correct", and we should just live
with the Tp increase.

The Ts and Txul increases might warrant some investigation.
another regression: bug 298502
Bug 298677 and bug 299384 (a crash), both related to scrollbars, are also likely
regressions of this.
*** Bug 299579 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Blocks: 269388
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