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[hr] Croatian: Firefox


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User-Agent:       Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.7.3) Gecko/20040924 Debian/1.7.3-2
Build Identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.7.3) Gecko/20040924 Debian/1.7.3-2

Croatian localization team ( has localized firefox
and thunderbird to Croatian. We would like to check in our localized files to
mozilla cvs. 
We have successfully compiled localized firefox and also prepared .xpi
installation files for Croatian localizations.

Reproducible: Always
Attached file Public SSH key
This is my public ssh key needed for cvs account setup.
Summary: Need CVS privileges to check in Croatian firefox/thunderbird localizations → l10n CVS account request for Croatian (hr-HR) for Denis Lackovic
Please, attach you localization of Firefox 1.0 as zip packages to this bug for
Attached file Localized files prepared for CVS (obsolete) —
These are localized files for Croatian, taken from firefox build directories.
They are ready for import to CVS.
Denis: Have you sent the CVS Contributor form (
Ever confirmed: true
checking in again on the CVS form...
We're currently on the push for FF 1.5, which is supposed to be branching soon.
Could you attach sources for that, so that we can review your locale
for inclusion in 1.5?

And fax the cvs form to activate your account.

QA Contact: justdave → justdave
Form received. Not clear to me whether someone has vouched here and this account is ready for activation. I don't see an explicit voucher in this bug.
Independently of the team lead by Denis Lackovic, we (the ubuntu-hr localization team, translated parts of Firefox 1.5 to for the upcoming Dapper release. Due to the lack of time and resources, we were/are unable to complete the translation at this time, but we'd like to share this with the community.
We will contact Denis and see what's the status with the localization effort (perhaps try and revive it). In the meantime, I'll attach the .xpi file we've made.
Since the file is too large to submit here, here's the link to it:
Senko, if you're not trying to create a langpack just really zip the stuff, it
should really be small enough to attach. If you have that meta data, maybe just
zip up the files that you actually translated? That may be easier for other folks
to pick up.

It seems like that we're still hoping to receive a 1.5-targeted source zip for 
this bug, just to summarize the general state of this from my side.

My name is Ante and I'm doing translation of Firefox for Ubuntu distribution. This translation will be included in Ubuntu 6.10, but it would be great if it could be accepted in Mozilla too. This zip file contains translated browser component (except help and installer). Other components (dom, extensions, netwerk, other-licenses, security and toolkit) should be over by the end of the week (except installer and help) - file to large for attachment.

I'm also interested in CVS account, if possible.

Thank you.
Duplicate of this bug: 294154
Moving over to registration for tracking.
Assignee: marcia → registration
Component: CVS Account Request → Registration & Management
Product: → Mozilla Localizations
QA Contact: justdave → registration
Summary: l10n CVS account request for Croatian (hr-HR) for Denis Lackovic → [hr] Firefox localization to Croation (hr-HR), Denis Lackovic
Version: other → unspecified
Summary: [hr] Firefox localization to Croation (hr-HR), Denis Lackovic → [hr-HR] Croatian: Firefox
Summary: [hr-HR] Croatian: Firefox → [hr] Croatian: Firefox
On behalf of the Mozilla Project, I'd like to apologise for the delay in processing this request. We very much appreciate offers of help in localization.

If anyone reading this is still interested in helping to translate one or more Mozilla products into the language that this bug is about, please add a new comment to this bug to confirm your interest, saying again which products you would like to localize e.g., Firefox, Thunderbird. We will then make the necessary arrangements.

Um... We've translated firefox 1.5, and then 2.0 went out, so I would rather that we start translating firefox 3, if possible?
Ante, from what I have seen so far, 2.0 might be a good step towards 3.0. The problem with attacking fx 3 right now is that it's not string frozen, and I can't really tell you when it will be. That will depend on the feedback on versions of Firefox that we didn't even release yet, so that timeline is blurry. The best we have (and that will be updated) is on

I doubt you'd be wasting a whole lot of work by attacking Firefox 2 now, but I could make a more constructive comment if I had a state of your tree for 1.5. I'd need a source form instead of a language pack. If you only have the latter, should be able to help you in resurrecting the data as far as it is in language packs.
I have source of firefox 1.5 translation. Could it be used as a start for FF2? It's available at
It sure is a start. I just unpacked it and compared it to the 1.8 branch and the trunk. There's a bit of noise in the data, as you had *~ files in there, which my script complains about, so ignore the obsoleteFiles count:

Firefox 2 (MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH):

{'changed': 621,
 'keys': 637,
 'missing': {'browser': 227, 'toolkit': 439, 'total': 666},
 'missingFiles': {'browser': 46, 'toolkit': 7, 'total': 53},
 'obsolete': {'browser': 226, 'toolkit': 256, 'total': 482},
 'obsoleteFiles': {'browser': 30, 'toolkit': 10, 'total': 40},
 'tested': ['browser', 'toolkit'],
 'unchanged': 2804}
15% of entries changed

Firefox 3ish, Minefield (HEAD at some recent date, didn't pull for it):

{'changed': 543,
 'keys': 579,
 'missing': {'browser': 303, 'toolkit': 741, 'total': 1044},
 'missingFiles': {'browser': 66, 'toolkit': 17, 'total': 83},
 'obsolete': {'browser': 393, 'toolkit': 424, 'total': 817},
 'obsoleteFiles': {'browser': 34, 'toolkit': 15, 'total': 49},
 'tested': ['browser', 'toolkit'],
 'unchanged': 2492}
13% of entries changed

To give you an idea on the differences, I did a comparison of just the missing files, which yields


The '+' files are new on the trunk, the '-' are not on the trunk anymore. While working your way up on the 1.8 branch, you could just remember that list and leave those as English. If you get the localization to a state that makes it reasonable to publish it for 2.0.0.x, you can revisit that decision then.

There are some removed entities inside the rest of the files, but currently, there's just a huge amount of work left to be done, it seems. I'll make a more constructive effort on the 2.0 vs 3.0pre comparison over in bug 397506. In particular the diff view one the upcoming attachements there should be interesting.

We are assembling a team that will work on localization, so I confirm I'm interested in managing Croatian localization.
I'm also in the team Ante mentioned, so FWIW, I'd like to support him as the Croatian localization coordinator, and plan to work with him on the stuff needed to be done to have a proper and official translation.
I confirm Ante will be person responsible for future mozilla translations to croatian.
Cool, that sounds great.

Could you describe the team and points of contact on That's our main entry point for us and new volunteers to find you guys.
Done. I'll add others during this week.
Hy, Can I get translation for 2.0 or help in translating?
Hy, Can I get translation for 2.0 or help in translating?
Hey, Ante: how are things going?

(In reply to comment #27)
> Hey, Ante: how are things going?
> Gerv

Hi, I'm coordinating the current project of translating
Firefox3 into HR. We have translated some portions of
the string tree, but we didn't merge them and submit for
inclusion in cvs yet. We planned to have it done by the end
of December, but (due to my lack of time and because of that
not enough involvement) that got delayed.

We're continuing to work on the translations and are in the
process of transferring the coordination to another person
in our team (but we remain a coherent team with Ante as
our point man).
Hi, I'm not sure if you're following the posts in the newsgroup, so here's a little crosspost. I updated compare-locales quite a bit recently, so the output of that is much more helpful. Find more information on that on
Comment on attachment 178227 [details]
Localized files prepared for CVS

putting this into my review queue
Attachment #178227 - Flags: review?(l10n)
Just an update:

We've translated most of the firefox related stuff and are in the middle of translation of xulrunner. So, there's no need to review old translation. xulrunner will be finished hopefully in next 30 days. We'll review it and upload here.
Comment on attachment 178227 [details]
Localized files prepared for CVS

Yep, you're right. Obsoleting this one.

Once you have something for review, please set the review flag on the new attachment to '?', and the requestee to, thanks.
Attachment #178227 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #178227 - Flags: review?(l10n)
Attached file Croatian Firefox translation (obsolete) —
We still haven't finished xulrunner part, but this should be a good start for complete translation.

Thank you
Attachment #339643 - Flags: review?(l10n)
Comment on attachment 339643 [details]
Croatian Firefox translation

This is a language pack, but we'll need a localization source for review.

Gandalf, want to help out here a bit? We'll either need the source for this, or generate one with Cedric's script.
Attachment #339643 - Flags: review?(l10n) → review-
Attached file CVS tree by Cedric's script (obsolete) —
Another shot...
Attachment #339653 - Flags: review?(l10n)
Attachment #339643 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Comment on attachment 339653 [details]
CVS tree by Cedric's script

This is a better directory structure, but it's missing tons of files.

missing: 25
keys: 526
unchanged: 108
changed: 1139
missingInFiles: 4098
obsolete: 31

is the current summary, which comes mostly from this just being browser, and toolkit completely missing. Even browser is missing tons of files.
Attachment #339653 - Flags: review?(l10n) → review-
hey guys

i'd like to join in translating FF 3.1 and TB 3 (focusing primarily on windows versions if it matters at all)

since i've never done anything like this before, can you recommend me a crash course on localizations or share some guidelines which way is the best to start, should i subscribe to a newsgroup or a internal mailing list, and such?

greetings all

Attached file JAR exported from Mozilla Translator (obsolete) —
This is tree I can import in Mozilla Translator, but I get 'String Index out of range: -1' when I try export to XPI from that same program. This is almost 70%.
Attachment #360135 - Flags: review?(l10n)
Comment on attachment 360135 [details]
JAR exported from Mozilla Translator

removing review request.
This needs to be converted to source format.

I'll do this today and upload in the right format.
Attached file hr3.1 source zip
Ante: your package seems to be against Firefox 3.0.

I prepared a package that matches current Firefox 3.1 locale and structure basing on what you sent.

Please, use this to complete your localization.
Thank you!
Attached file croatian translation of ffx3b3 (obsolete) —
This is translation for latest hg source of mozilla-1.9.1. Rezults of compare-locales are:

keys: 927
unchanged: 1439
changed: 3695
71% of entries changed

It has almost all of the browser and installer translated. Toolkit still has some gaps, but we plan to finish it asap.

Thank you all for guidance and help with getting this to the point where it is now.
Attachment #362467 - Flags: review?(l10n)
Attached file Final translation of FFX3.1b3 (obsolete) —
This is a final translation of FFX3.1b3 in Croatian. compare-locales:

keys: 927
unchanged: 410
changed: 4724
92% of entries changed

Unchanged strings can't be translated (access and cmd keys) or are exactly the same in English and Croatian (names of countries, etc.).
Attachment #339653 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #360135 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #362467 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #362571 - Flags: review?(l10n)
Attachment #362467 - Flags: review?(l10n)
Comment on attachment 362571 [details]
Final translation of FFX3.1b3

This looks good.

The localization looks complete.

Please, switch "Bon Echo" to "Minefield" in all ./browser/chrome/branding/
Here it is.
Attachment #362571 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attachment #362605 - Flags: review?(l10n)
Comment on attachment 362605 [details]
Final translation of FFX3.1b3 (Minefield)

Attachment #362605 - Flags: review?(l10n) → review+
Hey Gandalf, Axel: what do we need here to get this into Hg/CVS?

Congrats, initial landing is done.

I think I did a few changes for my initial commit. I reverted, that had broken links in it. And I removed the en-US search plugin implementations, as those get picked up from the en-US sources by the build anyway. Please don't revert those changes without having someone from us looking over the corresponding patches first. shows the status of your locale
for fx31x and fx32x, the repositories of immediate interest for you towards
Firefox 3.1 (which we'll rebrand to 3.5 soon) are and the mozilla-1.9.1
repo, check out for details.

If you haven't yet, please file a bug to get hg write access as described on, and mark that bug as dependent on this one? Thanks.

Please follow the communication around localizing Mozilla applications on .l10n, details on how to join are on In particular that's the place to watch out for announcements and to ask for help.
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