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I'd like to request a CVS account for improving the Qt toolkit port of Mozilla 
in cooperation with Zack Rusin <>.  

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12 years ago
Created attachment 186330 [details]
ssh key

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12 years ago
Dirk's one of the best KDE developers. He's got tremendous experience with
writing browsers and is a very reliable engineer. 
I'm vouching for Dirk.

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12 years ago
Need the CVS form  -
Ever confirmed: true

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12 years ago
FAXed the form. 

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12 years ago
I don't think I need super-reviewal because I'll be only touching 
things inside the qt/* subdirs.  
So you're not going to touch the UI bits that control button ordering/theme
tweaks or anything else outside of the widget code?  I really doubt that'd last,
unless KDE is going to switch to GNOME-style bits in dialogs, etc.

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12 years ago
currently some of the dialogs are natively implemented in Qt, so they have the 
"right" button ordering already. If we're there that I'll have time to care 
about those issues, then I'll ask for review.  
If the SR requirement is waived, then you're expected to restrict all checkins
to the specific area you'll be working within.  In this case, I think its
probably appropriate/desirable to get the three SRs so as to not have to worry
about restrictions.  The exemption is really more intended for NSS, Chatzilla,
and other localized and tightly-owned pieces that don't spill over into core code.

Not trying to be a hardass, just trying to clarify.
Dirk, have you already done any patches, by chance?  Or are there bugs where you
have patches posted right now?
I don't think Dirk has done much yet. But Wolfgang and I can handle his first
few non-Qt checkins and then he can get general CVS access.
That sounds pretty reasonable to me.
QA Contact: justdave → justdave

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12 years ago
In terms of reducing bureaucracity, mozilla can certainly learn from kde...
what is blocking us in this bug?
Can we see some representative patches (bug numbers)? Reading the bug it doesn't look like drivers have agreed to waive the three-superreview rule here (yet).
(In reply to comment #12)
> In terms of reducing bureaucracity, mozilla can certainly learn from kde...

Why should we give cvs access to people who haven't yet written any patches to Mozilla?
> what is blocking us in this bug?

The fact that we give CVS access to people who've shown they write good code and follow Mozilla procedures.  And Dirk, not having written any code that I know of, hasn't shown that.
Summary: CVS acccount request Dirk Mueller for Firefox/Qt → CVS account request Dirk Mueller for Firefox/Qt
QA Contact: justdave → cvs-acct-req
Due to a recent overhaul of the committer's agreement, we are requiring new forms be sent for accounts that have yet to be created, even if you have already filled out and submitted the old CVS Contributor Form. Please download the form at and submit it according to the directions specified at We apologize for this necessary inconvenience. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks!
This request has been inactive for a long time, so closing it out to get it off
the list of open bugs. Feel free to reopen or file a new bug if you're still
interested in access.
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
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