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Shortcuts for reloading a view-source window differ between tabbed and window mode


(Toolkit :: View Source, defect)





(Reporter: whimboo, Unassigned)



Since bug 230693 is fixed, different behaviors between a tabbed view-source
window and a standalone window are visible:

tabbed mode:
1. Ctrl+R       - Reload from cache
2. F5           - Reload from cache
3. Shift+Ctrl+R - Reload by skipping the cache
4. Ctrl+F5      - Nothing

window mode:
1. Ctrl+R       - Reload by skipping the cache
2. F5           - Reload by skipping the cache
3. Shift+Ctrl+R - Reload by skipping the cache
4. Ctrl+F5      - Nothing

IMO the behavior of tabbed mode is that one we need. Using the first and second
one, when you only want to update view-source with the current cached content.
This will happen when you are examining a dynamic page and trying to see exactly
it's current content. Instead the third point is useful to test the dynamic
creation of a page while not switching between the webpage and view-source. Here
we can't use the cache. Last but not least, Ctrl+F5 should behave like Shift+Ctrl-R.

Currently we don't have homogeous shortcuts between these two types of
view-source. For accessibility reasons we should fix this.
Component: View Source → Keyboard Navigation
QA Contact: view.source → keyboard.navigation
Component: Keyboard Navigation → View Source
QA Contact: keyboard.navigation → view.source
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
Severity: normal → S3
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